Was I the only one that tuned into BET’s free concert last night? Ha, not hardly. With the distinguished viewer so prevalent in 2010, our alternative mindsets, cultures and interest weren’t given much to complain about during BET’s Annual Awards show. Pre-moral of the story, the world is beyond influenced by Black Entertainment and this years show created a new outlet for many forms of diversity to swagger on in. Yea, kind of like Justin Bieber being nominated for an award(Ha, nice try!). Twitter

and facebook accounts were nearly overloaded via the amount of users updating their statuses per second. Many quoted that Facebook was almost more entertaining then the show itself. I was merely happy just to see thousands of beautiful races and eager faces, both classy and urban, aligned and excited to participate in this annual production from home. There was once a time where the BET Awards barely got any love. Yet without the viewers at home, I doubt there would be a show.

BET’s three hour phenomenon paid homage and shine to just about every easy-going legend, thriving composer, fresh faced and talented songster gathered at the Shrine Auditorium in LA. Respectively, each of them deserved it, unlike so many others thriving in today’s era of fame-whoring. Music folks have been working hard and they have the nominations to prove it.

The 2010 BET Awards was literally, as most saw, squeezed and jam packed with performance after performance, appearance after appearance and tribute after tribute. Kanye West launched the night’s parade of musical showcases with “Power”, a semi-diabolic exhibition executed against a smoky mountain top.

Usher Raymond threw us some of that classic microphone seduction for his “There Goes My Baby” performance. Alicia Keys, accompanied by a pregant belly and piano, killed all four of her performed songs, including the well-known “If I ain’t got you”. I lost count of Nicki Minaj’s performance’s(and wig changes) as her cameo’s were endless. Most noteworthy was Diddy’s performance with new girl group Dirty Money(including Dawn from Danity Kane) which featured Minaj, T.I. and Rick Ross.

Queen Latifah kept our minds buzzing with her numerous costumes, including sunglasses and wigs for a Cleopatra Sims comeback from the movie Set it off. And speaking of the Set it off cast, Jada Pinkett and family sat front and center of the awards show with young Willow grooving to most of the performances. Ciara, who deserves a Victoria Secret contract, didn’t get in on any performances this year which slightly let me down. Though Ciara did get a chance to dazzle on stage when she introduced the legendary El DeBarge, another surprise performance.

T.I.’s return to the stage was cool and mellow, as is his usual reserved gangsta’ appeal. Young Money was beyond the talk of the net with Drake and Minaj taking the cake for best male and female hip-hop artist. Rapper Fabulous was a little salty about this one, which plenty of us found funny via Fabulous’ Twitter page. I was just awaiting for somebody, anybody from that Young Money camp to crack slick on a certain “legendary female MC'” but as we all saw, they each kept it cool. Yet fast-forwarding to the after-party, Diddy obviously took subliminal shots at a certain “hatin’ a*s crab”. Word on the street is that this crab has a “cent” jingle to his name. The ritzy Janelle Monay barely held back when it was her turn to scurry the stage for an animated “baptist church” themed performance. John Legend took home the 2010 Humanitarian Award, the most important award if you’d ask me. Kiki Palmer made history winning the 2010 Young Stars Award. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the reassurance from the cast of The Game, that it’s new season will begin airing in January of 2011.

Chris Brown winning the ‘Ultimate Fan’demonium’ award sponsored by AOL and Nickelodeon, proves that he wins my award for smoothest comeback! No Rihanna? No Beyonce?—Talk about not being up for any awards and not wanting to be out-shined :(. Oh, and no Lil Wayne to support Young Money?—Mnn, politics, politics. However, no amount of politics, rivals or tributes could ever top Chris Breezy’s Michael Jackson tribute. I felt his pain, no doubt. We saw first hand that Chris Breezy’s officially learned his lesson as this years entire show was definitely unscripted! With time heals everything, because if this would’ve been that same big-headed woman beater from one year ago, this MJ tribute would’ve had a couple of us pulling Kanye and Lil’ Momma’ stunts. But it’s all good, because as Prince said, “I believe the future is in good hands, I’ve seen some amazing talent up there tonight.” And I don’t beg to differ….

Hard Work, Dedication and Creativity!

One luv,

Tony Triumph

*All photo’s courtesy of www.gettyimages.com *