One whole month into the New Year, 2011 is off to a fresh start for some of us. Yet with much of the recent societal madness, for others it may just be off to a violent one. Regardless of your year being off to either a good or bad start, I want you all to be mindful that many of the undesirable habits and situations were looking to shed can not only stem from both stress and celebrations but also from an unconscious mind. I dedicate this article to anyone looking to accomplish victorious resolutions over any of their obviously pastdue New Years goals.

~By the way, check out I borrowed the opening banner from them but most importantly they’ve posted a super dope “Who’s-Who in the 2011 world of green innovators” article. As you know, we’re all about green living over here! Enjoy!

1.)Keep your mind on a busy schedule:
Most of the time it’s your wondering, bored mind that leads you to do the things that you wish could avoid. (Smoking cigs, over-eating, watching porn, spying on Facebook pages, etc.) Imagine how many things you just would NOT have time for if you stayed busy. Sound cliche’ to you? Well despite getting up and having duties everyday most don’t realize how much extra time they still have to squeeze in those unwanted habits. Unsurprisingly, on the majority of most top ten list’s the #1 new years resolution is fitness. Even-though I’ve never had a weight issue, I actually involuntarily lost weight when I moved to NYC in 2007, simply from being too ‘busy’. So keeping yourself busy should automatically have this one in the bag. Yet if your still not subject to enough daily activity’s or responsibility’s that’ll result in a consequence for not getting done, I adivse you to add more to your work load, volunteer yourself more, join a gym- the list goes on. Whatever you do, just stay busy! After a while you’ll find that you wouldn’t have even had the time to engage in a certain ‘habit’ anymore.

2.) Don’t knock yourself:
Give yourself time to set the standard you want to live up to and get with it. It’s not going to happen over night, so don’t kick your own behind if you back slide or come close to. Yet do be true to yourself, as more then likely you will be the only one to suffer the consequences.

3.) Notate the Red Flags:

Just like before any baseball game, there is a process that the athletes call the ‘warm-up’. Then later when you take a shower, there is always a water temperature called lukewarm or ‘in the middle’. Next game when you’re headed to third base, before you even make it there, if a critical, real life task popped up you would just bail out, right? Well, in the case of an un-paid athlete I sure hope you’d have that option.

Trust me, we all know when we’re in that warm-up stage. Or when we hear our minds talking us out of a situation but we just refuse to listen. I can hear you saying, “Alright, just this one last time”, but don’t bullshit yourself. Snap and say, “C’mon self, get it together” because if you know like I know, your already sick and tired of your same ole’ self. Make it clear to yourself that it’s not always cool to make it to 3rd base!
4.) Set multiple resolutions:
So that if you break one, there will be others that you can at least say that you were 100% faithful to. Some of you may be giving me the side-eye but hey, I’m just keeping it real. Mother Teresa herself said it best, “If you can’t feed 100, then feed at least 1”. Let the same apply to your goals.
5.) Quote your boat:
Take 30 minutes out of your day, search the Internet, scroll an inspiration book and jot down your top 10 favorite quotes. Now take a sheet of paper, neatly tear it into 10 pieces(big enough for you to write on) and hand copy each and every one your favorite quotes onto a sheet on paper. Now use tape or glue to post your favorite quotes along the sides of somewhere that your eyes can’t avoid touching everyday. The TV, your computer screen, sun visor in the car, closet door, light switch, remote control- wherever. After a while, these quotes should be breezing through your mind like ice-cream. Above are some my top favorites that I have posted along side my mirror.
~Good luck on your journey to wholeness, peace, celebrity, riches, Beyonce body’s, getting a ring put on it or whatever it is that your hoping to achieve in 2011! Don’t give up! Remember, The moment that you stop reaching for something in life is the moment that you start to decay.
…and don’t forget to “Quote your Boat!”