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A stylish home is an inevitable part to having our humble abodes look good, while having us feel good inside of them. Whether you’re looking to add a simplistic, yet super stylish touch to your home, or add an intricate look to a pre-existing design, these 6 products will certainly deal some decadent new dimensions to your Home & Design life. Tune in below for our editors’ picks.

Ethan Abramson

Ethan_Abramson stylish desk

Studio Desk

What we love: Clean, polished, and Stylish. Walnut and Maple woods combine, with just enough space for your works of art to align. Handbuilt with a unique all-natural finish; will allow a modern elegant touch to your home office or design studio.

Bower NYC

bower nyc mirrors

Cube Mirror

What we love: Asymmetrical shapes with color and vitality, truly bring taste to a Michael Jackson-esque reality. Bower NYC mirrors are futuristic and full of flavor. As The Jackson 5 sung in the 70s, “Can you feel it?”

Jm Lifestyles

Jm lifestyles concrete waterstream table

Woodform Concrete Table

What we love: Solid. Soothing. Romantic. A sturdy concrete structure, with a clean, imitation wood finish. You’ve got the same wooden look, without the usual creaking sounds of old wood’s wear and tear. In addition, it’s built-in water stream beams as the perfect theme for in-home romance and special occasions.

 Big Chill, Inc.

Big Chill Orange Retro Fridge

Orange Original Size Fridge

What we love: With it’s bright, bold colors, sleek, retro design and authentic chrome crown, your kitchen would be the obvious talk of the town.

 Stefan Rurak

Stefan Rurak Water Tower Clock

Water Tower Clock

What we love: Brooklyn made, these stylish wooden clocks are “torched and then sealed with oil to achieve its beautiful color and texture.” Modern and matched perfectly to nearly all color schemes. Tick-tock, it’ll be a timekeeper’s dream.

 AGA Ranges

AGA Duel Fuel Ranges

Duel Fuel Ranges

What we love: Whimsical looks and modern features allow fairytales and moisture rich roast to swirl. A cast iron baking, roasting, and slow cooking oven bring the best of all cooking worlds.