New York Fashion Week just revealed its most popular trends to hit the streets for next year, Spring 2017. Always ahead, New York City has its leg up on these trends walking the streets NOW.

Read on for the top polarizing trends coming next season, and how New Yorkers are making these details their own for this Fall.

Cut It Out:

hbz-ss2017-proenza-schouler-imaxtree delpozo-imaxtreeproenza-schouler-by-imaxtree

New York started with a peep show of peepholes. Designers sent down outfits with cut-outs in newly discovered spots to show off some skin. These cut-offs gave a twist onto the classic deep necklines and crop tops to demurely pop some skin in new spaces.

From left to right: Proenza Schouler, Delpozo, Proenza Schouler. IMAXTREE

New Yorkers Do It Better:



Taking a cue from this new trend, the streets are full of inspiration to show off some skin in new subtle ways. Top right shows Karlie Kloss creating her own cut-out by wearing a blazer over a crop top. Others showed some skin in unexpected places with shirts sporting cut-outs on the sides and the back.

Top left photo by Tim Regas. Top right photo of Karlie Kloss by Diego Zuko. Bottom photo by Tim Regas.

Khaki Is the New Black:

carolina-herrera-27-imaxtree_1 j-crew-36-courtesy-j-crew_1 rag-and-bone-04-imaxtree_1

Khaki ruled the runway this season with designers drawing the fabric into new silhouettes. Khaki no longer holds the stiff angles from yesterday’s Bermuda shorts as designers expressed this fabric into feminine dresses and skirts.

From left to right: Caroline Herrera, J. Crew, Rag and Bone. IMAXTREE

New Yorkers Do It Better:

tyler-joe-khaki tyler-joe-khaki-2

Taking note from the new khaki silhouettes on the runways, streetwear fills with khakis hugging curves to create a feminine twist to the once before boring fabric. Many fitted khaki with a body-hugging shirt to balance out the fullness of the fabric or simply cinched a belt to tie in a feminine silhouette in dresses.

Photos by Tyler Joe.

Off With the Shoulder:

tibi-rs17-0763-imaxtree prabal-gurung-01-getty monse-05-imaxtree

While last season sported two bare shoulders, this season shows a hint of shoulder down the runways. This trend applies an effortless appeal to outfits reminiscing of sultry summer nights.

From left to right: Tibi, Prabal Gurung, Monse. GETTY and IMAXTREE

New Yorkers Do It Better:

diego-zuko-shoulder irina-lakicevic-phil-oh tiffany-hsu-phil-oh

The streets wave with unending tides of shoulders in every color. New Yorkers create their own shoulder pops by casually angling outerwear to cover up one side while draping the other side a bit down the other arm. There’s no better way to stroll down a street than with a sultry shoulder.

Top left photo by Diego Zuko. Top right photo of Irina Lakicevic by Phil Oh. Bottom photo of Tiffany Hsu by Phil Oh.

Dice the Sleeves:

prabal-gurung-37-getty micheal-kors-collection-by-getty lacoste-rs17-0294

Unused sleeves remained a defining trend for New York Fashion Week. Many outfits sported sleeves that were cut from the inside in varying lengths on the arms. These new sleeves created new silhouettes that seem like double vision.

From left to right: Prabal Gurung, Micheal Kors Collection, Lacoste. GETTY

New Yorkers Do It Better:

diego-zuko-sleeves diego-zuko-sleeve-on-back

New Yorkers take this trend in a different direction with opening the sleeves of button-downs as seen in the photo on the left or taking this slice in a different direction showing off the back as seen in the photo on the right.

Left photo by Diego Zuko. Right photo by Diego Zuko.

Choker Statements:

derek-lam jonathan-simkhai-07-getty tom-ford-05

Chokers take a new direction this season by becoming the new “it” piece in outfits. These statement pieces take control of the outfit to create a slim silhouette where all the attention rests on top. Another interpretation of the choker was done by Jonathan Simkhai dragging out the outline of the choker to follow the body as a slim silky scarf.

From left to right: Derek Lam, Jonathan Simkhai, Tom Ford. GETTY

New Yorkers Do It Better:

imaxtree-scarf-choker tyler-joe-scarf-choker tyler-joe-statement-choker

There’s no reason anymore for a choker to be lost in outfits when they can be the centerpiece. New York streetwear is full of new approaches to small chokers. Whether adorning a white outfit with a statement choker or using an elongated silk scarf choker to show off flowing dresses or bringing back neck scarves as the statement chokers to run these streets.

Top left photo by Imaxtree. Top right photo by Tyler Joe. Bottom photo by Tyler Joe.

A Tinge of Yellow:

hbz-ss2017-3-1-phillip-lim-imaxtree marc-jacobs-imaxtree rosie-assouline

Every hue of yellow walked down runways this season from faded pastels in Marc Jacobs to neon highlighter in Phillip Lim. This color ruled the runway working well with other muted colors or standing alone in its vibrancy.

From left to right: Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Rosie Assouline. IMAXTREE

New Yorkers Do It Better:

laurel-pantin-phil-oh megan-bowman-gray-phil-oh phil-oh-yellow

New Yorkers take this color in stride through patterned dresses or accentuating their outfits with bursts of this vibrant color with purses and scarves. This pop of color, whether muted or neon easily brightens any outfit while complementing every skin color.

Top left photo of Laurel Pantin by Phil Oh. Top right photo of Megan Bowman Gray by Phil Oh. Bottom photo by Phil Oh.