tony triumphMy personal recap of life in a tiny French town, where almond skin’s not often the talk of the town, relying on my culture, taste, and style to hold me down. My name is Tony Triumph, and I am ‘A Brown Boy in Paris’.

As past Parisian tourist are fully aware: The collective charm of this tiny yet token dashed city has certainly come unmatched. From every single corner pastry shop, to the glorious balconies that line famous avenues, and the poise and grace of the native language itself, Paris is very much a place to be delicately memorialized.

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Jan 18th, 2013- My thoughts stood enthusiastic and enigmatic, while the soles on my fur lined boots swiftly slid me towards a myriad of new and untapped opportunities. Connecting with the spiritual lobes of one of my life’s greatest dreams, Paris is where I’ve landed. Without speaking too prematurely about my intended adventures, I invite you (Yes, YOU!) to devour this documentation of my greatest moments here. Laugh with me, dance with me, discover with me, be fab with me. =D

Use my story as your own personal reference guide, resource or even as the key to unmasking the unlimited potentials in your own life.

Use me up, wear me out, make it do, or go with out. (hehehe ;-p)

As a famous black poet wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou


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Well, week one went by just as smooth as a Summer nights breeze. I took everything in as calmly and as coolly as I could, while I recollected my thoughts and thoroughly acknowledged the blessing that I not only had made it here, but had made it here safely.

Thanks to a wonderful colleague of mine, Sissi Johnson, her unending connections and extraordinary hospitality services via, I was able to have my Airbnb housing accommodated at half off the asking price. Things were going smooth for a brown boy!

Upon arrival, we found it to be very “decent” and basic (as you can see above). #nocomplaints

By the time I had settled into the weekend, Haute Couture fashion week had settled in as well.


It was a Saturday, but since I knew I’d be trucking it around to tradeshows all day, I gave my first look a smooth, simple Parisian pizazz.


We made sure to snag plenty of my generic goof-ball shots, ’cause you know, it’s a sin to take fashion week too serious these days.


…Keeping the dome warm with my $7 tam.


Then it was time to get to work!

My first stop was the Capsule tradeshow, which is pretty much a collective showcase of tons of high-end fashion brands and independent designers under one roof. (It’s what most of the hip brands do when their too cool to have a runway show). Buyers, trend forecasters, and journalist bounce from booth to booth placing orders and interviews, drinks are generally served, and sometimes you might even walk away with a few freebies(like me). :-p]


Get my scoop on Capsules A/W 2013 tradeshow here.

That same evening I stopped by Tranoi Preview(womenswear), as well as Tranoi Menswear tradeshows. Tranoi pretty much lines up the same way as Capsule, but on a much more grand and elegant scale.


Still jet-lagged and completely not feeling the weather (it started snowing like crazy that evening), I didn’t have much energy left over by the end of the day. By the time I arrived to Tranoi, as opposed to playing paparazzi I figured I’d just bask into the atmosphere and enjoy the exhibitions.

…however I did stroll by one design team, Byungmun Seo, and snapped plenty photos of their cutting-edge threads. Is this collection beyond DOPE or what?

As I parted ways with tradeshow land for the day, I headed back over to Palais-Royale to check some touristy stuff. Just as I peeled off of an escalator and popped around corner, a group of Belgium tourist, including some bow-tie designer chick, approached me and asked to take my photo. Thrilled at the thought of some European exposure, I didn’t hesitate. Gleaming with plenty of “zoolander”, I gave this woman way more than she had bargained for. She then reached into her wallet, handed me a single bill and chimed, “Now here, since you’ve posed for me, I’ll just have to pay you!”

I popped a child like grin as I attempted to calculate the US dollar conversion of this bill.

“Damn, touched down in Paris for merely two days and already making money!” I thought.


A random 10,000 thousand euros, dollars, pounds, yin for letting someone take a photo of you on the street, you’d be excited too right?

Well, turns out the random cheddar I was handed is NOT a form of legal tender.

So ha-ha-ha, the joke was clearly on me.


Of course I was mad, Oprah!

On to the Next day! I started my afternoon with an uplifting Skype call from one of my favorite people in this world, model buddy Justine!

tonyt_justine1 tonyt_justine2

Justine, who recently signed with Major Models New York, decided to hit me up while on set of a Tresemme commercial! Looking good J-tiny ;-).

As fashion week drew to a close, I used up the rest of my week to explore the city of lights!

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Of course, nothing else was more important than seeing the Eiffel Tower.


Snowfall and all, my dreams were deemed living at this point. I mean, does this location really need an introduction?


As you can see, the Eiffel Tower was mobbed with all sorts of vacationers and tourist. In case you didn’t know, it’s the tallest structure in Paris.

The following day, I discovered the most amazing set of breasts in Paris! Yes I said it, breasts!


Paris Brest pastries that is. Which are an ultra rich and creamy pastry containing almond shavings, powdered sugar, and praline cream(which is like a mousse filling). Hands down, the best thing I’ve tasted in Paris my life!


…plus I found the Louis Vuitton store, whoop whoop. Turns out this isn’t even the main LV that everyone comes here to see, but it was giving me plenty of that “look ya’ll, I’m in Paris” vibe. So, a photo op it became.

image (10)-002

Later on that night, after dinner at an amazing Cuban restaurant in Chatelet, I winded up on a friends scooter taxi for a scary as hell thrilling ride around the city.


…was my initial reaction…


However, I digressed as I thought about how incredible it would be to view the city by night…


So off we went! Taking a 15 minute cruise from the grand Opera to Champs-Elysses.

image (14)

ummm, yea!

image (16)-001

…sorry, but I don’t think scooter taxi’s are for me.

image (18)-002

The next day, I met up with a buddy in town from London and we made our way to Chatelet, touring the giant library/Museum that everyone here raves about.


Followed by a nice, long strut to Champs-Elysees in my cowboy boots.


Boom- we made it, the top of Paris! This moment here deserved a gangster’s lean!


…then we eased on down Avenue Victor Hugo, and landed on one of those tucked away corners you’d only see in the movies…


…eventually making our way to a cool spot over-looking the Seine, and of course showing plenty of love to the Eiffel Tower.

My 3rd week closed out beautifully, at a private event via one of the most lavish venues in Paris, Hotel Le Bristol.

Paris_HotelBristol_CatPlush ruby carpets, antiques trimmed in gold, and an in-house cat by the name of “Fa-aron”, a brown boy felt like he was in OZ.

image (31)

In regards to cartel matters, the upper echelon social scene is obviously quite tricky to maneuver into, but thanks to a slew of awesome American and British buddies that have since relocated here, rubbing elbows with some of the city’s finest has proved quite a privilege.

Paris, you’ve swept me off my feet and put a new meaning on magic.

Stay tuned for more…


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