“Warm, Pure, Comfort- Change!”

Wow, what an amazing slide of no-one other then our Democratic Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama and his beautiful family. I must say, this photo also brought back my cherished memories of the classic all american living style that we once enjoyed during the democratic days of the 90’s. A photo can speak a thousand words but truly, this one speaks atleast a million. Yes, I do support Barack Obama to the fullest and eventhough I have choosen to remain un-biased during these election days out of respect to the wide range of beliefs that my many friends own up to, I couldn’t help but show patronage to this fine portrait. As I stare at this photo, I invision a fresh start, smooth abundance and genuine satisfaction. Through this photo, I see an excellent role-model that allows us to live up to the true standards of American People and the words U.N.I.T.Y. shining as bright as gold! Rock on Obama’s. 🙂