Happy Birthday to ME! =D
“I love you Micheal, may you rest peacefully”.

Twenty something years ago(I guess im old enough now to let ppl start guessing my age) I came sliding down my momma’s birth canal at about 11:30pm. I must say, my childhood was mixed with the same innocence, earthyness, childsplay, fist-fights, play girlfriends, love from my family, schooling on never to be disrespected and most importantly being taught to fear God, as the majority of most stable folks undergo in my hometown of Baltimore, MD. I’m so thankful for it all! Now in the midst of my adult struggles- I’ve learned to appreciate every hardship, mishap, set-back and misfortune of my existence as they’ve all guided me to the appreciation of every accomplishment, promotion and unexplainable delivery to this side of my success highway.

At times I dont know how I made it this far in the world but I have noticed that drive is a terrible thing to waste. I hadn’t really planned to write anything all spectacular and sentimental for my birthday this year, as I feel I haven’t really gotten to the point in my life where that is necessary. However- just to be comical, I will say that there are a few things I need to work on, such as laughing at bullshit and confusion everytime it blows my way! But other then that- I’m still living, learning and loving my Triumphant life to the fullest! I thank the lord for every stage of my existence and I pray that I am blessed with many more…;)– Now let the celebration commence..

Peace and Blessings to all yall…

*Rest in Spiritual peace father MJ…Your impact on my life and childhood is unexplainable. Stay tuned for his “Triumphant Tribute”…

-Tony Triumph