Aamito LagumAamito Lagum, a striking 21 year old from Uganda, announced she was the first winner of Africa’s Next Top Model via Instagram yesterday.

As many of you all knew, Tyra Bank’s never-ending franchise of new model madness recently took off in the mother land!

Rounding up 12 of the continents hottest aspiring models, Africa’s Next Top Model has placed a long-awaited spin on one of the CW networks highest rated TV shows.

Legendary Supermodel and Iman Cosmetics founder Iman also gave Aamito a shout out via both her personal Instagram, as well as that of Iman Cosmetics.

As it appears, Iman Cosmetics participated as the official make-up sponsor for the contestants go-see challenge. Upon watching the ANTM finale, I personally recognized Iman Cosmetics creative director Byron Barnes, who is the former owner of a Men’s lifestyle magazine named Pulse. Pulse was my very first fashion editorial booking about 6 years ago, and interesting enough, it was I who also once sat, got man-groomed, and listened as Mr. Barnes compliments added to my confidence.

With a striking set of cheek-bones and gorgeous chocolate skin, Aamito Lagum will surely do well at DNA Models, a stellar prize for winning the competition.

I find it interesting that Africa’s Next Top model still undoubtedly ties the competition back to the USA, seeing that it’s prize is a modeling contract with DNA Model Management, a top 10 modeling agency in New York City, as opposed to an agency in Africa. Is this the norm for other foreign “Top Model” franchises?

Ever so often I meet these Top Model contestant girls, and they don’t always have the nicest things to say about Tyra Banks, let alone how dreading the experience was. Such as how being on the show can sometimes do more harm to their careers than good!

Bre Scullark_Fatima Said_Nik Pace

[Tony Triumph with past America’s Next Top Model contestant’s Bre Scullark, Nik Pace, and Fatima Siad.]

The good news about Aamito winning Africa’s Next Top Model is that the portfolio she’s developed is very stellar. Not to mention the fact that most fashion professionals have long stopped watching ANTM years ago, plus Africa’s Next Top Model did not air on American Television. This will give her a fair chance to make her true mark on the fashion industry, without all the stigma’s that come with appearing on reality TV.

Have a look at Aamito’s ANTM portfolio below.

Congratulations Aamito Lagum!

aamito lagum antm africa

Africa's Next Top Model Aamito Lagum

Africa's Next Top Model Aamito Lagum

Aamito lagum uganda africa next top model

Africas next top model winner

Africa's Next Top Model Aamito Lagum  Africa's Next Top Model Aamito Lagum

aamito fashion model antm