By: Bridget Barkan, Singer/ Song-writer/ Actress

I haven’t always liked being ‘white’ either.

A lot of white people suck and when meeting new white friends I do the Malcolm X test (If they think that he wasn’t a positive influence in the Civil rights movement then they are not coming to my birthday party).
There have been many times in my life when I wished the potential Native American blood I had wasn’t just potential. I needed some proof for why I felt so different as a ‪#‎whitegirl. I also didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere specifically. I grew up in mixed NYC with a multi-cultural group of friends and family. Black uncle, black step Dad, black nieces and nephews, God babies.

Rachel Dolezal_Bridget Barkan

Bridget Barken poses as a mock Rachel Dolezal to orchestrate her viewpoint: #askrachelnothing.

Yea, yea I had ‘soul’ and I could dance. I loved hip-hop blah blah…I’m ya’ know, ‘down’. I know what’s up, I would never say the ‘N-word’. I would even get annoyed seeing ball players with trophy blondes, like “they’re stealing our men!” Um wait bitch, check yourself, you’re ‘white’. But did I feel white? No. I felt of the world, of all people. And on a deeper level I felt and feel deeply connected to the mission to end the injustices and continued inequality and discrimination in this country. But my love and respect for my ‘black’ brothers and sisters and the commitment to justice and the uplifting of this community is founded and built on TRUTH. I believe we are all one, one love, one world, we all bleed red but it is also our differences that make our learning and bonding and healing profound. And this makes it real because it’s between people who come from different worlds and find their common bond through art, music and universal love.


Regardless of the work that ‪#‎racheldolezal‬ did, she did it with a spray tan, perm and ‪#‎lies‬. ‪#‎askrachelnothing‬

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Bridget Barkan is a singer, songwriter, actress, scissor sister, lover of art, the great spirit and revolution. She is based in NYC. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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