Candid, raw, rational– once again pop cultures favorite celebrity’s, actresses, and musicians have aligned and are enforcing quite a befitting change to the USA.

Notably expressive and perfectly sincere, celebs from many genres including Beyonce, Jamie Fox, Ellen Degeneres, Chris Rock, Victor Cruz, and John Legend have all placed their usual public initiatives on hold to promote something with such a higher sense of urgency. With the extraordinary effects that these public figures have on the general public, will it actually make a difference? In my eyes, I say yes as we know firsthand that power, action, and imagery stir the best advantages.

Growing up in Baltimore, MD I’ve heard the bullets,  seen the crime tape, buried the relatives- but never  before have our streets been plagued by such a high count of lackadaisical murders. America, this gun control initiative is so long overdue that over the years we’ve grew numb to the obvious needs of legislation!

We may not be able to get every gun off the street, but we’ve got to go ABOVE & BEYOND at protecting the lives of the innocent.

See what Beyonce, Jamie, Ellen, Carmello and a whole lot more have to say about it below….For more info on the Demand A plan initiative, visit their website here.