Now that the hard part is over, let’s have a photo-captioned look at what got President Barack Obama another four years in the White Black House.

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Celebrity Power: 

Beyonce -perhaps making one of the largest celebrity impacts on Obama’s campaign.














Tracee Ellis Ross patronized and dipped with a smile.. (via instagram)

Victorious  (Nickelodeon) star Leon Thomas III  showed his patriotism from the poll booth yesterday…

…and so did Supermodel (and cousin in my head), Liya Kebde.

“Strike A Pose”…Model & Actress Eva Marcille patronized & glamorized.

Singer Kelly Rowland clearly excited for two more years…

Diddy and his boys, including son Justin(left)- throwing it up for “four more years”.

The Figures:

UNsurprisingly…The Lady’s, the Hispanics, and the youngsters hold O-man down the most.

Flock of potheads heading to Colorado in 3….2….1…

Just  for laughs:

The proprieting opportunity’s available for Michelle and Barack after his second term concludes make The Obama’s billionaires! From legitimate dance schools, tapes, workout gear, movie roles, and book deals alone, I see endless $ signs.  C’mon Michelle, “Teach me how to Dougie, Teach me, Teach me how to Dougie'”












Yea, I would be too, Oh, but they’ll get over it..











Some cute pop-art I found on social media site.














Yes, Big Bird will be just as relevant to my children as he was to me! (Sorry I didn’t credit the artist- I can’t read their signature)..














Final Words from our President:

Via Obama’s twitter: @barackobama


















No worry’s- YOU DESERVE it Mr. President. Just don’t let us down.



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