Solange Knowles shines for Rimmel London

Ms. Knowles is doing the damn thing! Solange that is. Model, DJ, Spokesperson- she’s definitely found her niche. Yet not in the annoying “I’m gonna’ bombard you with any and everything I feel like doing until I’ve garnered your mediocre approval” way that so many others do. These Rimmel London shots won me over without hesitation. I always thought Solange had great features, but were often overlooked by all of the silly facial expressions. Who knew she could hold her own in a high-end beauty campaign? Boy do I love a transformation! Our favorite shot sits in on the top left. Yours?

 Cassie, Solange Knowles, and Selita Embanks film Carols Daughter commercial with founder Lisa Price.
Carols Daughter Spokesmodels Solange Knowles, Selita Ebanks, and Cassie cover WWD Style.
Solange Knowles has also become the go-to DJ for a variety of elite parties.
I dig the hell out of Solange’s subtle approach to her expanding image. It makes me eager not to miss a beat of any of the new “-ish” she may have up her sleeves. Modeling gigs suit her well so I’d advise Wilhelmina and FORD to scoop her up for that Celeb division, if they haven’t already.
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