Zoom, zoom, zoom- I love these! Fashions freshest dose of complexity reminds me of nothing else but the magic carpet days with my boy Aladdin. 8-). Some name this flash from the past Belly Dancer pants while others deem them “those MC Hammer jump-off’s” but whatever their inspiration, Harem Pants are creating a much needed stir to the style of Fashion folk everywhere. Amen to fresh style!

The Harem Pants’ format is unlike anything else that we could have possibly just recreated or add a simple flicker to. Unlike skinny jeans, t-shirts, pleated pants(the normal clothes), etc- you aren’t able to just change the color and have a different style in your wardrobe. I’d for sure say that they’re a great addition to the American way of dressing. I love being different. The entire format and fit of these pants are unlike any other you’d run along and just buy an alternate color in from the racks of H&M; or Macy’s. For those that dig this look, the creation is definitely going to take some getting used to.

YSL in particular coiled this creation around the blistering body of Ms.Naomi Campbell for their latest ad. To my New Yorkers, I’m sure you’ve seen this ad all over the subway…

While she sported them again on the runway for her very own, Fashion for Relief runway show during London Fashion week this September. Trust me, ONLY Ms. Campbell can publicly repeat offend. Don’t even set yourself up folks. 😉

Funny, you guys won’t believe The actual FASHION POLICE have a campaign out right now against Harem Pants! Ha, check it out here: http://www.thefashionpolice.net/2008/04/harem-pants.html

Oh Pulezzzzeeee “Fashion Police”, give it up already! Anything that Ralph Lauren……

Marc Jacobs…..

And YSL approve of, I’m so down with!

Just wait till Mr. MC Hammer Finds out that he’s wanted by the fashion police! Hmmmm, I wonder if he’s catching any royalties off the re-makes?

Anyway, stay tuned for my own shots in Harem pants! If MC Hammer and Aladdin can do it, you’d better believe Tony T can.

Hit me up and let me know how y’all feel about these good ole Fashion Mc Hammers…8-D