January 2017 covers are fresh, eclectic and blended with beauty. It’s a month of motivation, new goals, and new faces! With the White House loosing Obama’s light, bright colors and diversity driven alibis still beam bright. From Gina Rodriguez and Jaden Smith, to Lena Durham and Alicia Keys, 2017 has kicked off with a breathtaking bang!

While the wonderful world of media draws closer to meddling out their monthly features sooner and sooner, subscribers find it harder and harder to keep up with the timelessness of a printed article, VS the currentness of blogs and social media. CoverSmacks are here to help you keep up!

Gina Rodriguez, Marie Claire US, Jan 2017

Lena Dunham, Vogue US, January 2017

Ashley Graham, VOGUE UK, Jan 2017

Jason Derulo, Halsey, Michael Phelps, and James Proud, Forbes US

Alicia Keys, ELLE South Africa, Jan/Feb 2017

Cameron Russel, Vogue Germany, Jan 2017

Faye Wong, Vogue China, January 2017

Estella Boersman and Jaden Smith, Vogue Italia, Jan 2017