Bomb bodied Beyonce, a whole lot of Zoe Saldana, Miley Cyrus takes her stance, and Solange rises to the occasion. June 2013 Coversmacks bring a hypnotic medley of beautiful stars who are follicking into their new found edge and public approval. Though June has just arrived, it’s covers have been sprawling across the net nearly for nearly a month now. Catch all of the below on a newsstand near you.

Solange Knowles for Complex Magazine(US)

Solange Knowles- Complex June 2013

Rise Solange, Rise! May the come-up continue.

Beyonce Knowles for Shape Magazine

Beyonce- Shape France June 2013

Mrs. “Get me Bodied” indeed.

Kerry Washington for Elle Magazine

Kerry Washington- Elle June 2013

From her small little breakout role in Save The Last Dance, did anyone else predict Kerry Washington to make it this big?

William Levy for Latina Magazine

William Levy- Latina June 2013

A cuban boy looking mighty caucasian for a Latino magazine. “How you doin?” Hollywood influence.

Grace Bol for i-D Magazine

Grace Bol- ID Magazine June 2013

May the grace be with you.

Cindy Crawford for Harper’s Bazaar (Spain)

Cindy Crawford- Haper's Bazaar June 2013

Long live the Supermodel!

Jourdan Dunn for Antidote Magazine (France)

Jourdan Dunn- Magazine Antidote June 2013

Did you know that Jourdann Dunn was hosting a cooking show on Jay-Z’s Youtube Channel?

Tune into Well Dunn With Jourdann Dunn here.

Karmen Paderu for VOGUE (Germany)

Karmen Pedaru- Vogue Germany June 2013

Facial perfection.

Mino Xi and Shu Pei for Manifesto Magazine

Mino Xi and Shu Pei- Manifesto June 2013

May the Asian persuasion continue.

Dizzee Rascal for L’Officiel Hommes (Netherlands)

Dizzee Rascal- L'Officiel Hommes Netherlands June 2013

Not the most attractive cover I’ll admit, but always refreshing to see a brother on the cover of a European mag.

Zoe Saldana for allure

Zoe Saldana- Allure June 2013

+ Cosmopolitan (Singapore)

Zoe Saldana- Cosmopolitan Singapore June 2013

and Instyle (UK)

Zoe Saldana- In-Style Magazine June 2013Slim Sexy Saldana, totally not looking forward to her becoming a lesbian in the future.


Miley Cyrus posing for ELLE (UK)

Miley Cyrus- Elle Magazine June 2013


Miley also for V Magazine

Miley Cyrus- V Magazine June 2013



Vin Diesel for Men’s Fitness (US)

Vin Diesel- Mens Health June 2013


Sofia Vergara for Cosmopolitan (Spain)

Sofia Vergara- Cosmopolitan Spain June 2013



Nicki Minaj for Teen Vogue

Nicki Minaj- teen vogue june 2013

Since when has she, or when will she ever be a good role model for teens? Nice try, Teen Vogue.


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