Taking back the covers, Kendall Jenner comes in to steal the spotlight in many of October’s magazines following Kim Kardashian’s lead. Our covers glimpse into the lives of the best of the best in Hollywood including Lupita Nyong’o, Chloë Grace Moretz, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, Jennifer Lopez, Felicity Jones, Julianne Moore, Leila Bekhti, and Victoria Beckham with models Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. Also hypnotizing the covers through looks and sound are hit artists, Tinashe and Ciara.

While the wonderful world of media draws closer to meddling out their monthly features sooner and sooner, subscribers find it harder and harder to keep up with the timelessness of a printed article, VS the currentness of blogs and social media. CoverSmacks are here to help you keep up!

cs_erzfuiaarl8oKarlie Kloss for Vogue Mexico

csasy0kvmaaphvvLupita Nyong’o for Vogue US

cs5rjrrvmaadyj4Tinashe for Nylon

csfu5cqvuaaqrl7Chloë Grace Moretz for Teen Vogue

csye0kmxgaago-gJames Marsden for GQ US

cstlfitukaajqbiJake Gyllenhaal for GQ Style

cspti7nuaaaqawqGigi Hadid for Harper’s Bazaar

csldbkpumaanydvKim Kardashian for Wonderland

ct65cnbvuaaztdfJulianne Moore & Leila Bekhti for Glamour Paris

ct9bnzcvuaabsytSerena Williams for Fader

ct3lap6viaeeb24Ciara for #Legend

ct1c1wjumaazb6eFelicity Jones for Stella

ctndnwkvuaapd1nKendall Jenner for Garage

cttbqp7vyaaj_pxJennifer Lopez for Your Fitness

cugexlxvyaespqiVictoria Beckham for The Edit