It is highly easy to agree with him, and I get why so many people want to cheer for him, because as you know we live in this new age of hyped up entrepreneurs. A land of Next-top-Oprah’s and what not. Trust me, I’m far from knocking any of this- I love a good hustle!

I wasn’t going to touch on it. I really wasn’t. But Mr. Damon Dash struck my nerves in a recent interview on The Breakfast Club. Check it out below:

Dame, you are extremely intelligent, and I love him for putting this type of dialogue in the atmosphere, but I disagree with some of his points. Everybody can not be a boss in the retrospect that he is speaking of. Eventually, yes (if that’s your dream), but no need to disregard someone’s 9-5 because ultimately, a 9-5 is a job that needs to get done(even if just temporarily). It’s like preaching to janitors, maids, dishwashers, etc. Somebody’s got to do it! His way of thinking is dope, but what he is preaching on is a revolutionary way of thinking that can only be implemented to our coming generation of endless entrepreneurs.  

Yea I know, we’re sick of “Working that 9-5 just to stay alive.” But the way the world is set-up in the present, if everyone said “F” their day jobs, society would hit dangerous loopholes. It’s just the reality! If everyone one opens their own business, who’ll be left to support the businesses that already exist? In order to be a successful and functioning society a leader should never condemn followers. Where would a leader be without followers?

Not to mention, as an entrepreneur and business owner, there is much more to love about being a boss than simply having pride! Pride feels good, but it can be dangerous in high doses.

Damon’s hurt. Real hurt. But too smart and too experienced to sound so one-sided and contrary.

What are your thoughts?