Spring 2014,

Destiny Doors. Empower yourself to empower yourself!

No more cheap shots!


Considering our twirling globe has officially marched into Spring, and the conventional paths of life and times are strolling into their usual positions, there couldn’t be more of a sincere time to pump up the volume on all things relevant to succeeding in life. You know, sort of like all that stuff we started planning on last Fall, pumped up our brains with throughout this heinous winter, and are still trying to push into action now that the sun is serving us longer days. Self-empowerment is often a battle over run by the anxieties of living up to the ways people perceive us, and personally, it’s quite enough to drive us up trees, have us living in the clouds, and using our daydreams as the only place for our goals to actually live.


Soaking up the rest of Spring, the media will continue it’s overdose on Kimye’s wedding bells, Pharrell’s happiness, Donald Sterling and the Stiviano chick, Justin Bieber’s recent thugdom, Mimi’s sex tape, and of course, the ever-smiling dark chocolate delight, Lupita Nyong’o. Overall, a head scratching painful observation as to how these five names have ended up in the same sentence, and just as interesting is how much influence WE have over these lame headline hustlers (Lupita and Pharrell not included) and their rise to power. As a sea of highly impactful people, we run with just enough electricity to peddle this power towards our own progression. Increase which doesn’t include fame-whoring, reality TV hype, and controversy as our daily motivators.

Call to action: Empower the shift in influence! Triumph spring 2014 editor-web


Routinely enough, life’s ever-inconsistent hot topics taunt us into fear that our moral accomplishments aren’t hardly enough to keep the attention of those that we look up to, seek the approval of or pluck our luck from. Bump that! Continue to march high in your own lane, and be unafraid to soar higher than the expectations of those who dismissed your goals long before you even knew of your full potential. You know, the haters. Pick your lane, power level, and position wisely. Then stick with it, and ride it out till you get to where you’re going. In other words, the door to your destiny.


The mind over society’s philosophy will always be a light of flickering inspirations, motivations, and connotations that jog, jump, and dodge ball hump across the mind when you need nothing else more than peace and focus. My savvy for “Spring Destiny: Inspire yourself to empower yourself!” comes from a cross fire of personal hopes that the rest of this Spring will power walk this society away from the defeat, debauchery, and defamatory actions that its endured over the past four months. Very confusing times here if I may say. It’s time to mellow down these confused mentalities that we carry, and motivate ourselves to keep pushing for superior circumstances! Elevation is what I mean, not supremacy and superficiality.


Bust down the provoking thoughts for that cheap shot at ‘making it’. We owe ourselves more than any Hollywood hype has to offer. As I gave advice with Renovate, Revive, Restore, and Redeem: YOU! in January, onward and upward we now go to Detangle, Define, Defame, and ultimately Become your destiny!

Inspire to Empower!

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