Winter: 2015

One of the biggest burdens of an entrepreneur, an artist, or a dream chaser is having to work beneath the ranks of someone else’s career.

Having them decide when it’s time for you to take your life to a new level, how you’re going to do it, and how far you’ll ever go.

Hiding from your own shine, disobeying your personal grind.
Lackadaisical setbacks, hardly recognizing what you’re doing to yourself before you’ve done it for 5, 10, 15, 20 years. And then you’re sitting, wondering, where the hell did my dream go?

Sure, we can’t do anything alone, but must we always lay the level’s to our promotion in someone elses hands?

When I started The Triumphant Scoop back in 2008, it was created as a release. As outspoken as a society that we’ve become, we still hold so much inside as citizens. Especially artist, not being able to share our gifts with the world unless that one almighty person that controls the curtain to our fame gives us it’s go-ahead. Sure, most of us live in communist free societies, but with the influences and powers that be, disagreeing with something so foolish that’s obviously a commodity of pop culture, suddenly segregates us into a land of odd-ballism and stupidity.

You either worship the ground and kiss the behinds of industry leaders to get to where you’re going, hunkering beneath folks who feel they’ve paid their dues to get to where they are, and that you should ONLY and always work beneath them. Or you start your own journey by the grace of your own hands, and fall into a land that will allow you to develop your own brand.

In the popular book, “48 Laws of Power”, you’ll recognize Law 11 that goes, “Learn To Keep People Dependent on You”. But it shouldn’t take much convincing to learn that I disagree with that. There’s a lot of people in this game of life that see your potential and attempt to keep you beneath them. Call it balance of the land if you will. Hey, everybody can’t be in power, right? I highly doubt it. Power of lands, no. Power over self growth, decisions, and opportunities, yes. Truth is, what’s supposed to happen always will.

As the systems of law and protocol often forbid us to elevate(and make it harder to do so during Winter), shouldn’t we all take advantage of the fact that most of where we are in life is based upon what we’ve learned on our own?

Please, do not be afraid of your own space. Your own instinct, your own ability to discover, fixate, and figure out some- not all things- on your own. Use this season of hibernation to your advantage.

Screen Shot 2015-02-009

Here’s to an NYC smile, reeling self-discovery and success into each of your Winter trials.