This weekend’s Architectural Digest 13th Home Design show spiraled around in just enough time to toast into the mood of my upcoming House/Loft warming here in NYC. If you followed my last post, you’ll get why I’ve been so enthusiastic about home design lately, plus have a better understanding on my love for architecture and certain decor styles.

Life & Style-011

Throughout the event, there were a huge collection of  live activities, from wine tastings, art giveaways, product demonstrations, and endless floor plans to make any creator feel well, right at home.

Over a series of two days I made a leg plummeting visit to Pier 94, which is at the West furthest end of NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen area. Like two of The Price is Right’s finest showroom models, my buddy Lauren Noble and I canoed our way through the sea of architectural exhibitor’s and covered as much of this event as our long legs would tolerate.


Well stocked in a hammock full of kitchenware, dining schemes, artwork, and overall home decor, the timing for this mix of inspiration, innovation and customization ideal’s was perfect.

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Have a look at what we got ourselves into.


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IMG_6330-006 resize



Triumph Apple




In the area beneath this sentence, you’ll find a gallery of my most fascinating discoveries at Architectural Digest 13th Home Design show.
Including a special feature by Diane Von Furstenburg.