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During New York Fashion, one day following the Herve Leger by Max Azria SS15 show, I sat among a bright and plush office overlooking New York City’s Time Square. A calm and tranquil roundtable of fashion journalist, bloggers and editors were gathered at BCBGMAXAZRIA as they welcomed us into their corporate office for an exclusive conference with Lubov Azria(wife of BCBG founder, Max Azria) about her accomplishments as a designer and creative leader. Gazing over the petite and gorgeous icon Lubov herself, I veered in to chat about whats next for the BCBG brand, their SS15 collections, her views on men’s fashion, the current generation, and much more. Check out a few highlights below:

Tony Triumph Lubov Azria BCBG

[Photo Credit: Nathalie Torres]


“They[female warriors] were very sexy, but I thought “that’s how you fight the men. You don’t fight them by looking tougher than they are. You seduce them, and then you poke them with a stick.” [Laughs].

Tony Triumph: Since the BCBG start 25 years ago, there have obviously been a lot of social factors to impact society. We have social media, celebrity influence, tons of award shows- has any of that changed your design aesthetic?

Lubov Azria: I think design is evolution. It has evolved with it, I don’t think it’s changed it. Whether it’s social, or other things, we’ve always been designing for a particular customer, a particular woman. I want to say yes but [pause to think].

Tony Triumph Lubov Azria BCBG

TT: Regarding other things in mind, would you ever do menswear?
LA: We had a division called BCBG Attitude, and we had it for a moment but the designer wasn’t doing a good job. I’ve realized one thing at BCBG, unless I’m on top of it, it does not do a good job. That’s why you see so many companies go up and down, I mean we’re privately owned which is amazing, but unless somebody invests their whole being into the company you don’t really see a success over the years. And I think I would be too overwhelmed to do a menswear collection. I can assume that it would be successful but I feel like if I had more time, which I don’t, I would do it.

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TT: If BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP were to relaunch a menswear collection, what style would you feature?
LA: Oh, I would do the Japanese man. Ah, I am obsessed! Oh my gosh, they are amazing. They are more put together than women.The women tend to be more characters, but the men- they have the most perfect suits. I mean when the tattoos are in they have the most amazing tattoos. They’re just so inspirational. They’re also very slim and tall so they wear the trends right off the runways, versus the women. I mean the Japanese woman is very beautiful but she’s very traditional. But yea, I would definitely start there.

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