In the words of our newest contributor Kate Morales:

Amid the slew of over hyped brands and budding designers trying just a little too hard, a breath of fresh fashion air blew into Central Park West this past Monday. The Style Salon presented a show featuring a handful local designers coming together to display a unique blend of dresses, outfits and accessories.

Held at Landmark on the Park, an easy to miss must-see within sight of New York’s Natural History Museum, the show proved to be classy, understated and thrilling in terms of talent and turnout. The models entered from behind the altar of the church, braving stone steps in slippery heels and chunky platforms, mainstays at all this week’s events.

Kachi designs opened the show with humorous twists on classic silhouettes in a variety of bold prints, reminiscent of Thakoon staples. The stand-out was a fitted, knee length, half-sleeve frock in a rosy toned print, topped with a contrasting chartreuse collar-cum-cape[Above]. Paired with turquoise platform sandals, this look was enough to make us forget hurricane season.

Handbag designer Sukari matched floaty gowns and cocktail dresses in their collection. Quality couture stitching worthy of a Spring wedding. The handbags and clutches for this look would snare even self-proclaimed, “not a bag kinda girl” types into a full-on swoon.

Maria Michele’s fresh take on the skin tight and strappy party dress, a look infamously overdone by the Kardashians, had me saying, “Oh yes,” under my breath as I diligently wielded my Olympus at the runway. It was the mixing of fabrics and prints that did it – always a surprise up her sleeve, or in the design’s case, right on it. Gold sequined cap sleeves on a leopard print body and wearable chains dangling from the mostly bare backs make her collection a real head turner.

The show was rounded out with an opulent focus on hats by designer Ikasho. Wide brimmed made the biggest impact in new colors such as red red and sky blue (two big hues to look for and pair for Spring.) Craftily set upon the heads of models wearing nothing but simple white Oxford shirts, the audience is probably booking flights to Florida this instant, being unable to wait for 2012 to give those bold looks a real-life try.

Many thanks to The Style Salon for such an unpretentious and festive show filled with talent that we’ll be sure to watch, and more importantly, wear.

Scoop-fully Yours,

~Kate Morales