Trendsters from every direction have re-popularized a common drift for this Fall season. Connoisseurs of cool-headed chicks wouldn’t be caught kicking a can without trimming their latest attires with a touch of it. FUR  is surely a buzz this season and taking no animals mercy! As if we haven’t pissed off Peta enough in the past, here comes our endangered mink rocking, fox tail chopping, trend mocking asses. 😉  This season we’ve got all sorts of coats, capes and colors that are re-shaping and shifting the usual ways for us to rock the fury little creatures- and I can’t get enough of it! Our hip local sets just wont be the same after this season. From Milan, to NYC and even Hot-lanta, fur is doing the dag on thing.

  Check out the fly momma below as seen on the highly popular Satorialist site. What a breathe of fresh air they are. Kudo’s to the fabulous photojournalist(‘s) who continue to provide loads of inspiration to the fashion world. Classic beauty with a modern twist via that frilly trimming along her coat. Overall she kills it with her entire look!

….Chris Brown, as seen at Hollywood’s ‘Stars Who Care” event.

I would have to hide this book-bag from myself, otherwise it would be rocked day in, and day out!

…Cassie as seen on The Fashion Bomb

Hers was a major statement! On point w/ various colors and furs combined. She killed it(literally!)

 …and yours truly below, in NYC with model pal Justine B.

 Basic black leather with fur trim, classic Diesel. It’s what I call the cold day “outfit saver”. =D

Happy Fur-ring!