The polls were a reunion.

The one place where I could gather my thoughts. The polls brought me home- and it ain’t a damn place like it.

Where I have peace of mine, better yet concentration. I don’t have to fight for nothing. Elsewhere, I occasionally devore the feelings of lost and where situations are just flat-out distasteful. Home, the place I am rightfully, lawfully and spiritually grounded into. The one place I would die fighting for if anybody invaded it or tried to take away from me. Get out. The one place I feel is rightfully mine. I can actually outlive the stresses of trying to once and for all stabilize myself inside of New York City. A dwelling that I’m thinking is impossible to live in at this point. It is a perpostorous anticipation of living there 24/7, especially as a working artist that stims from a household of stable peace.

The election, a powerful movement. The setting that placed me in a mood so humbly that I disregarded and set aside any and all ego for the day. The one day that I heard of no violence, no kidnappings, no crime. Sure it was there- but the majority were all about this change movement. Usually I see kids about negativity, making fun of one another, gassing each other up with lies, fighting and plotting to steal but that day- they were all naturally about unity, choice and in a desperate cry for help. It made me emotional to see that so many of our youth and people in general were in desperate need of this help. Youth who arrived for the occation in their Pajama’s, some even ironed out their finest Ralph Lauren all for the astronomicaly revolving resolution of providing a cleanse to our White House, we were in it to win it. The mere thought of our futures were in the hands of one ballot, and about another hundred million other americans. All on different accords but everyone casting a decision to be on adaquate pages. Choosing between two leaders, only God knew best.

He knew what he was doing, the man upstairs has a plan. Stay tuned.

Photo Credits: ANTM cycle 11, Barack Obama classic capture.