Hey Scoopers, 

From the looks of her Youtube channel, recent performances, and newly released hits, Mrs.Carter BKA Beyonce Knowles has indubitably snatched back the spotlight from Gaga and everybody’s favorite clown, Nicki Minaj. Long live Queen Bey. With “Run The World” pushing an un-rivaled 28 Million views in just a little over a weeks time, Beyonce Knowles Carter is letting us know just how little she has to prove these days.

So far I’ve peeped this video a multitude of times. Aside from filling you in with the scoop on Bey’s outfits, I was also attempting to spot a few homies who had landed roles in the back-ground as dancers or whatever they were.  As there were way to many extrra’s and way too much weave flying around, my second mission equaled a failure.Though from the geico of watching this video I knew which of the themes had held it down the best. Get The Scoop via our stylist Tamira Wells below:

Now get it in with your own version here:

Now go Run The World!

The Scoop!