Frowns and dismay, Taylor Swift’s win was not ok! Beyonce was TKO’d, again.

Beyonce Knowles,a walking legend whose made dozens of smash hits way before Taylor’s time, losing the much anticipated award for album of the year crushed loads of ‘Sasha Fierce’ fans. Beyonce’s position and influence should have been more then enough to win her this one without discussion. The votes should have been unanimous. A bouquet of tulips, a dozen of roses. A sheer ‘Thank You’ card? Show your elders a taste of respect, ’cause clearly- Kayne’s stunt one year ago launched your career, Ms. Swift. Yes, Taylor is a beautiful and talented “Young” lady, but America’s sweetheart must pay her dues. Kanye, who is ‘doing fine’ according to R&B; soul singer Common, was noticeably absent. Check out what Common had to say over at MTV: Peep it here. Also noticeably absent was Mr. Chris “beat em’ down” Brown. Though most of us didn’t expect to see him at all. Even though he would’ve rocked the hell out of that MJ tribute. *Sigh*. Entertaining synopsizes yes, but political conflict of the industry at it’s best.

As usual, the 52nd Annual awards show offered viewers a jet of sights to buzz about depending upon our own personal interest. Including watching Lady Gaga torch herself alive then gazing up at Pink while she soaked us through her fantasy, drenching on-lookers by the mayhem of watching her solicit lustrous sex. More then just the family reunion of the music industry, the Grammy awards this year stood as an occasion of equal importance for the world of personal style and fashion. Gaga and Rih-Rih truly launching costume contest via sporting their one of a kind, Avant-garde pieces as opposed to those classic mini dresses and spaghetti strap gowns. I was honored to be sitting front and center of my flat screen TV as opposed to the road of madness at the Staples Center. Tons of colleagues and I text messaged back and forth, non-stop about their adventures in Grammy Land. Endless party’s and pretty faces chugging champagne bottles was pretty much all that popped. Celebrity after celebrity, party after party(pretty much what we do in New York week after week, :-p). Sitting home gave me the opportunity to finally have a blast via my new twitter account. Not that I use it all that much, but I love to see the personable exchanges of words between socialites, celebs and fellow bloggers. Well, follow me here:

Peep my preferred outfits below. Some would make awesome Halloween costumes(no shade), others are just perfect for all you front rower’s at Fashion Week, which is right around the corner. I’m not into pinpointing the whole best and worst dressed thing, ya’ll folks can wear what ever you want. I’m sure you’ll look at yourself before you walk out the house. So If your outfit made you happy, I’m happy for you(i.e. Brittany Spears). 8-).

An etcetera
of other Facebook and and Twitter accounts went wild as users powered their view points through noteworthy and extremely comical post. None of us could get enough of the Grammy’s last night. I notably remember tweeting that this was the first year that I’d never had to change the channel after a performance. Yea, it usually gets boring! Live stars galloping down red carpets and eventually parading across that electrifying stage, year after year. Yet this year, I loved the way that all the genres of music collaborated. It was like art! On the ‘Cover Girl’ tip, most of my lady’s kept their faces quite bare throughout the night. Sleek and elegant w/ minimal make-up. Beauty can’t get any better. While tons of performances highlighted the show, a tribute to my main man, Michael Jackson left some of us slightly disappointed. Well, it is what is- I still keep my love of MJ’s art to myself so I wont hold anyone to his standard. I wont even compare them to his magic. May he just continue to rest in peace while his children carry on his legacy.

I’ll give this show an A- but where were all the legends, besides Mary-J? (Janet, Mariah, Whitney, etc.) I guess 2010 is the mark of a new day, a season of change. :/.

I missed the first hour of the BET Honors tonight, but I’ll catch that later.


Triumph 😉