Building your trademark style may be among one of the most underestimated challenges for anyone with dreams of  traveling the world, being fabulous, and building a perfect career in the Arts & Entertainment sector.  Especially those living out of suitcases and constantly flying to foreign locations. While we’ll forever love  stores such as H&M, Topshop, Express and Zara, we should always  have handy those key ingredients from our closets that offer smooth style shenanigans, and can readily piece  together those million dollar outfits. Through these looks, we create confidence and bless ourselves with originality, a pleasant tune that we should all be singing to.

Photo Credit: Erika Soliz @ The Muses Prevail.

Shooting location: Paris, France. Saint-Germain des pres.

IMG_3123 (1)-002_resize

 I conquered today’s style, solemnity and magic using the local French decors + a little exotic noir.


It was a good ole’ Sunday funday, capturing fresh poses before a mellow Monday.

IMG_3207 (1)-001_resize

Mesmerized by the fresh Spring grooves and smooth Parisian tunes, I tipped across the cobblestones and posed to my bones in:

Blazer: Custom made, but inspired by Gucci’s SS 2013 Gabardine Dandy Jacket.

Shirt: Hamilton Shirts

Pants: Topman

Bow Tie:  Dolce & Gabbana

Pocket Square: Bru Na Boinne

Shoes: Calvin Klein Collection


Allocated by my routine style measures, I mixed  and matched a slew of new treasures.


My Gucci Gabardine Dandy inspired jacket and Bru Na Boinne pocket square shined bright like diamonds.

Though I had my jacket custom made by a humble little bespoke boutique in Paris, you can check out Gucci’s version of it here.


Per my crisp blue and white striped button-up, this  classic print stems from Houston based bespoke Hamilton Clothing Co.

Four years ago,  I was booked  by Hamilton heiress Kelly Hamilton for an exclusive designers exhibition taking place in, Washington, DC.


Hamilton Clothing Co. were among one of the select few brands to showcase during a private event for DC Modern Luxury Magazine.

Following the gig, Kelly was gracious enough to offer me the button up as  a gift.


Shiny shoes by Calvin Klein.

Pocket square provided as a gift by up & coming designers Bru Na Boinne during my recent visit to the Capsule tradeshow in Paris. 


  From living life in cold Europe, to tropical life in Los Angeles, to the gritty smog, dirt, and sweating of New York City + my urban roots of Baltimore, MD- my wardrobes signature of dapper distinction has taken me quite a long way.

IMG_3165 (1)_resize

A real life adventure, this ocean blue suit tells the story of my passion for personal style and it’s progression.

Thoughts on my Gucci blue suit inspired bespoke?

Catch ya’ later