The fashion industry is in an awkward place right now. Technology is causing old ways of business and life to scramble to recapture their audiences and revamp digital platforms quicker than we thought we would. The struggle to stay afloat in this ever-changing world is real. Early this morning, I woke up to an email from a colleague’s friend, adding more than just her two cents to the Kanye West’s New York Fashion Week spectacle, and literally sparring the legendary Vogue Editor- In- Chief herself a new tail-bone. As I personally bypass Ms. Wintour at a slew of Fashion shows this week [yawn], the below open letter shares an explicit insider’s narrative, and throws salt to the growing wounds of the more long-established, and seasoned patrons of the fashion world.

Get into it:

Hey Anna,

Not loving the scene these days? Hate what it has become? Your “I smell shit” and “I am an elite fashionista” looks are passé. You have become apart of the circus!

A sideshow to the ‘Kartrashians’. Yep, for a few seconds you thought it was ok until the loud mouth baby screamed in your ears. It wasn’t the crying that annoyed you. It was the fact that the baby voiced her truth. “This shit is ridiculous and why am I here???”

It irked you because you can’t say that. Your overrated, backstabbing ass is now just apart of the scenery. You used to sit at Fashion Shows with fellow fashion editors, buyers, retailers and fashion industry veterans. Now you sit next to Lil Kim, 50 cent, Kim K and other lame celebrities who are perched with their entourage and bodyguards and paparazzi creating drama for no reason.”I’ve gotta’ get a fashion line” they say. These ‘know nothings’ drop their lines, and guess what ? When they do, you most likely will have to go to their show. 

THE DEVIL WEARS PRA- who gives a shit!!! It doesn’t matter because H&M got it.

The real editors, buyers and retailers are seated at the back of the bus close to the exits. Smart place to be. Again, your overrated backstabbing ass is seated IN THE FRONT row next to crying celebrity babies and rappers and performers….you deserve every bit of it.

Wait until you finally get the heave-ho. You will be replaced by the likes of a ‘Kartrasian’, or another reality star like Bethanny Frankel or NeNe! 



While bleak and mildly irreverent, the blunt candidness of this article steams in at a time where the fashion world, and also society, needed the mean-mugged reality check it deserves.

Was ‘anonymous’ too harsh? Or hit the tail of the issue right on the money?

Voice your thoughts in the comments….