As you finish up that holiday shopping, wrap those presents and place the final trimmings along your perfect little Christmas trees- I pray that none of you have ignored your skin. While many maintain gracious glows throughout winter, plenty more of that number suffer one way or another. As we venture home to our long awaited loved ones and old school friends for the holidays, consider the following scenarios:

1.) Meeting up w/ that long lost friend: You haven’t seen them in 5 years, but don’t you wish to look 10 years younger due to high-performance, natural skin care?
2.) Holiday photos: Your afraid to admit it, but you hate taking photos due to your haggard old-looking skin. Your fear is that you’ll end up tagged in the album of the picture flashing, Facebook obsessed relative for all to see. Why not resolve you skins most pressing concerns with an age-fighting skincare collection? 
3.) New Years: If the look you carry with you on NYE will follow you for the entirety of 2011, shouldn’t you make it an organic one?

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