On Dec 10th, I attended a Unified and Reviving underground party serving NYC:

….it is a sheer drench of hydration.

I sensed the brotherly & sisterly “Love”, burning smooth with the same identical sincerity to that of a Greek probate. It was bleached with togetherness and good spirit.

Erase all that “Diva-tude” and “Modelista” bullsniff.

Libation is what it is!

Live art that topped the chart!

Bridge & Tunnel crowd stay away! The obnoxious chatter stays at a min, but the cheerful movement reigns at a Max!

Ambiguous. Eccentric. Couture. Spontaneous. Live.

Event Recap: “Pure, beautiful faces saturated into a room of plush, vintage arm-chairs while the Live sounds of Manchildblack catapulted into a room of anxious listeners. Pioneers of beautifully made music graced our ears whilst a multitude of differing faces strung the rooms, completely enjoying the scene. Ambiguous ethnicity’s powered a rainbow of complexions ranging from caramel to vanilla peppermint, over to every color inside of a pack of milk chocolate M&M;’s. African, Asian, Caucasian- Vibrant! Their styles were honorably fresh, spirited and full of art. This was definitely what I’d call an “afro-chic” crowd. A vigorous mix of eclectic ethnicity’s aligning to showcase their powerful presence within this enticing soiree.”

Libation: Jan 2010 Schedule:

1.) Sullivan Room, 11pm-4am. Thursday, January 14th w/IAN FRIDAY as DJ.

2.) Sullivan Room, 11pm.-4am Thursday, January 28th w/IAN FRIDAY & DJ SABINE.

3.) Sol Ascension for 2010 hosted by Manchildblack, 11pm- 4am. Saturday, January 30th w/DJ MR. V & live performance by LADY ALMA.

Also, Libation will be taking part in the Studio Museum of Harlem event, Vital Expressions: FELA! The event will take place on Sunday, January 10th beginning at 4pm.

Enjoy yourself, and free your mind!

Tony Triumph