Settling into the erratic, whimsical, and most times unpredictable world of art and film sits a rare soul by the name of Dawn L. Hall.

1622580_10200532291430381_2131034380_o-001 In this 1-on-1 interview, the Washington, DC native speaks on the dynamics of her own self-discovery, the gift of depth-psychology, being on the cutting edge of the next era, and the ups and downs of working on both sides of the camera.  As seen in the “Wonderland” issue of LIVID Magazine.

Tony Triumph: Your IMDB states that you’ve had roles in feature films 59 seconds, Detonator, and Clowns. Would you claim any of them as your breakout role?

Dawn Hall: I still haven’t fully broken out yet. These roles were great for exposing me to various networks within the indie scene. Networking with these professionals have opened doors for other greater opportunities. I had only just begun as an actress when those films were shot. I’ve grown significantly in my craft since then and hope to attract my breakout role with this new body of work.

TT: Speaking of goals, is it safe to say that winning an Oscar, walking the red-carpet, and taking over Hollywood isn’t exactly where you’re headed?

DH: Where I am headed is on a path where not even I can identify at this point in time. Those goals you mentioned were initially what I wanted when I first began as an actress, winning an oscar, etc. Through the years I have understood the motivation behind those goals and why they could never define me.


TT: What are your top 3 life essentials? I’m sure they play a role in your sanity! 

DH: My top 3 life essentials are solitude, healthy food and love. [Smile]

TT: What’s the most unknown difference between producer and actress?

DH: As a producer and director I am aggressive and have been told I run the production as a tight ship. I utilize my resources and I am able to encourage the strength of others and combine my leadership and insight to uplift the entire team.

DH: Now as an actress and writer, I am mostly secluded until I arrive on set and I do an extreme amount of inner work beforehand. I can have more fun on set with the cast and crew because I have down time. I am more like a kid because I don’t have to be so responsible every moment.  I can be a diva if I like because it’s understood or tolerated. [Laughs]

DH: Being a diva, not so much as a producer.

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