Dear Tony,

So I’ve been wanting to move out of my parents house for a long time now but I feel like I always talk about it but never take action. I know I can’t afford to live completely on my own but I can afford to live with a roommate. I do pay rent in my parents house along with utility bills so I know I am capable of doing the same elsewhere, but something is holding me back. I have been apartment hunting on several different occasions but I never go through with even filling out an application with fears that I may be denied. How do I go about taking the steps to move out?

Woman moving outName: Kamilah M.
Occupation: Airline Industry, Customer Service Agent.
Location: Windsor Mill, Maryland, USA.


Hi Kamilah,

tony triumph at workFirst off, start by saving money. No amount is too small. Save up as much your patience will allow. Keyword “allow”, as I know sometimes we find ourselves in living situations where we just can’t take it anymore, and for the sake of our sanity, we’ve gotta’ get the hell out asap. While saving, be consistent and watch your money grow quickly. “Consistent”, which could mean cutting out the clubbing, wining & dining, and happy hours for a good two months. Keep that pocketbook full so that you can reach your savings goals in less time. Meanwhile, start pricing apartments but remember you must have 3-6 months rent saved up before you move. Three of those six months will be going to your landlord  straight off the back. This will be for first months rent, a security deposit(which is usually equal to 1 months rent), as well as your last months rent (to protect your landlord from getting snubbed for the final months rent when your lease is up).

You sound like you have a cool job in the airline industry, but don’t solely rely on it. As you get accustomed to living on your own (roommate or not), you’ve gotta have a little cushion for all the moving supplies, paint jobs, and all the new furniture you’re going to have to buy to actually make your new place a “home”.

Forget about all that rejection tied into not getting approved. How else will you get the place unless you take a risk? When you get off work today, go and pick up as many applications as you can! Be realistic and process the ones you feel you have the highest probability of getting. Word to wise, management companies are a lot harder on renters than private owners. Of course, I don’t know what your credit score is, but either way, don’t bring it up unless they ask you for it! Last but not least, set a deadline and go to war.  War with your brain, war with your procrastination, war with your physical energy. War with anything that makes you comfortable with fronting on your goals.

Though you didn’t mention moving to NYC, be sure to check out, “Moving to NYC: 10 things to do when you plan on moving to New York!

Even if you are moving to another city, my information there is noteworthy and timeless.

Good luck!



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