Unveiling the everyday wits, dreams and superficial adventures of the worlds young, bold and fabulous.

They’re tall, beautiful, thin and popular. They’re at the hottest clubs, hottest events- everyone envies them. They have the worlds stamp of approval for “Physical Perfection”. Cashing out on the benefits of a genetic lottery, whether born with the beauty or having paid through a nip and tuck, the pain and suffering of the real world can’t penetrate them because they’re fierce! But once the invites stop and the champagne no longer pops, what will these pompous people do?

This Fashion, Art & Entertainment industry, fiction drama follows the untimely mishaps of Diamond, Tyler, Francine, Chase and Naheema. Five starry eyed dream chasers, living in New York City and canoeing their way through the worlds most glitzy walk of life. From undercover rich kids buying everything from their friends to their fame, to money hungry hustlers turned Supermodels, each cast-member dazzles as a unique pawn in a peculiar game of survival. A game many like to refer to as “The Appealing & The Prized”.

The Adventures of The Appealing & The Prized is written and published by Triumphant Scoop Editor-in-Chief Tony Triumph to unveil the everyday wits, dreams and superficial adventures of the worlds young, bold and fabulous. These adventures are a collection of true accounts, though all names and identifying references have been changed to protect the so-called innocent. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, including the author’s friends and family, is purely coincidental and just a figment of your imagination.

Meet the Cast:

Diamond, Age: 23: Shaped by her teenage mishaps, a zealous personality, and the history of her family’s financial success, Diamond has open access to the best of both worlds, at any time her troubled mentality pleases. Young, stunning, naive, and no longer rich, her circumstances unleash a world of destructive hero’s at a time when nothing else matters more than survival. Can a scandalous new clique of friends be enough to revive her forgotten affluence? Or will a former flame from memory’s lane resurface and save Diamond from her own seeds of havoc and insanity?

Tyler, Age: 28: Tall and lusty, Tyler is a Brazil-born hustler with an unforgivable appetite for quick money. The great-nephew of Fabio Delgado, better known as the Frank Lucas of Salvador City, Tyler is playing a key structure in a new ring of narcotic infiltrations hitting the US east coast. But when a routine NYC run goes wrong, Tyler finds himself shut off from the only world he knows, lost in the big apple and riding a new wave of survival cliches that merely revolve around his good looks.  Will this new found world of glamour, vanity and easy cash be enough to keep Tyler locked into the present? Or will an unexpected visit from his past be everything to dwindle away a promising future?

Naheema, Age: 21: Philadelphia born, with a Sudanese college professor father and a Chinese nurse mother, Naheema has at last been scouted by a top 10 modeling agency. Her statuesque beauty arrives into town with a vicious tongue and a charm just as sly as her strut. Sporting long legs and a butter-cream skin-tone, her statuesque beauty comes with a vicious tongue and a charm just as sly as her strut. Color complexities and identity issues have longed plagued the ship of her confidence and aspirational dreams, but will this promising new career be a soothing palace for her unending identity issues? Or will the endless fashion industry madness only parlay her hopes of soul searching into an epic failure?

Francine, Age: 20: An ambitious wardrobe stylist, with a rich daddy and a ton of tag-a-long friends, Francine is perhaps the only black girl in NYC sitting pretty on a seven-figure trust fund. The daughter of retired NFL Football star Kenneth Mcquire, Francine has quickly latched onto the fast tracks of grown-up life, enjoying the early onset pleasures of being young, wealthy, and beloved by her industry. As she ventures into a land of promiscuity and new obsessions with social media and fame, her most veering opportunities come aided by “white lies”, devious behavior, and of course, the almighty dollar. Can her new network of celebrity friends and independent funds finally tie her into a sense of self worth? Or Will Francine’s ride into the world of popularity and fame be as off-the-wall as the smoke & mirrors she’s used to get there?

Chase, Age: 26: A budding music producer, entrepreneur, and all around luxury lifestyle seeker, Chase Fischer is convinced that it’ll work out for him exactly as it did for his best friend Conye’ East, minus the accident and fame whore girlfriends. Parlaying his way into pricey parties, glitzy galas, befriending superstar rappers, and spending all-expense paid weekends in the Hamptons, his pretty boy charm and expensive taste has meshed well with a sizzling street-smart that he likes to call, “The Process of the Prized”. Baltimore bred, the chip on Chase’s shoulder beams as a survival antic learned from the hindrances of an aspiring artisan- sick of being relevant behind the scenes, but unrecognized by the public. Can this stylish scenster and his hopes of entrepreneurial success beam on behind life on the scene? Or will his quarrelsome circumstances eventually lead to a crushed dream?

Launching Feb 2017