During July’s New York Men’s Fashion Week, I spotted a tall, sleek silhouette in golden baggy pants leaning against a pillar, awaiting an afternoon show. Lia Bass, a 24 year old freelance model, turned heads even when facing away, as her short blonde hair is marked with an undercut of downward arrows. 

Last February, Lia was featured on the cover of ELEGANT magazine’s February issue. “I had a whole spread and achieved this goal on my own,” she says. “That was something I was very proud of.” Lia also graced the catwalk for Maison Le Faux at this spring’s New York Fashion Week.


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She cites Andre 3000 of OutKast, John Galliano’s Maison Margiela and Kanye West as her main sources of inspiration. “I have a really vintage feel so anything that shows it has some soul to it, some life,” says Lia. “Modern day stuff is cool, but I like to mix the modern with the vintage to put my own little feel on it.”

The Springfield, Mass. native only recently moved to Brooklyn with hopes to elevate her modeling career and get signed to an agency. “Growing up, I was always told I was different,” she says. “When I’m in New York, I feel very comfortable with being myself. It’s so diverse, it allows me to embrace a lot of different cultures. New York, it feeds you in a lot of different ways.”

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