Since I’ll be based in NYC for a while (though I’m still in and out of Europe for assignments), I recently took out a lease on a brownstone apartment in Bedstuy Brooklyn.

Rigged with 10 foot high ceilings, double wide French doors, and huge bay windows, my home outlines the surface to one of the most beautiful tree-lined blocks in my hood.

Since I’m all moved in, now rolls in the most essential part of good living, your personal decor. I’ve been down and dirty with bamboo palettes, earth tones, and tribal commodities for as long as I can remember, I’m excited to drop the Tony touch on my new place.

For the benefit of sharing some of my design idea’s with you, I’m pairing my favorite home and style essentials with a series of desert themed fashion shoots I’ve done throughout my modeling career. One in particular was shot in 110 degree weather, smack in the middle of Arizona’s Sonora desert a few years back.

Today’s the first day of Spring, rejuvenate your living space and be inspired!

IMG_9279A Moroccan theme living quarter with wicker chairs, tiki ornaments, and cast iron railings sets a breezy mode for the mind.

Life & Style-006The town of many browns: featuring animal print ottomans, lush wooden walls, potted palm trees, and neutral shades for the lamps.

Tribal accents arizona home fashion style

A sweet blend of roses paired with tribal carved structures and a coconut colored couch. This room beams a modern luxury of universal appeal. It’s more geared towards a females taste though. I’ll picture icons like Iman, Diane Von Furstenburg, and Michelle Obama chopping it up and sipping champagne here.

01-keri-russell-brooklyn-homeUsing shag rugs, elegant drapes and fashion-forward furniture toiled to a Victorian backdrop, you’ll create a living room that’s plush, regal and comfortable.

Life & Style-001Pairing my white linen suit with a bamboo themed bedroom, sleeping quarters should be cozy and make you feel like a bright, brand new person when you rise up in the morning.

Life & Style-004

Rug out your floors and your pillow prints with a little Aztec flavor. It’s all any bland room truly needs to pop off.

Life & Style-007

Sometimes the simplest things inspire the most. Chocolate brown hardwood floors and the jasper, sand, and cream-colored tiles to the left, remind me of beautiful Spanish motif’s.

Life & Style1-001

Sleek, modern and peaceful, is everything your household lavatory should be.

Life & Style-003Truly tribal, Aztec table figures, pine woods, and rich, cultural cut patterns on the pillows set the mode of this theme perfectly.

Question: What’s your take on tribal themed decor? Is it too dark for your taste? Or does it set your mood just right? Which of my photo sets gear to your style the most?

Chat with me in the comments box. I’ll be doing my first set of giveaways in a few weeks!