It’s officially spring, and with the recent wrap-up of all your late winter trips, international jet-setting across the globe, various fashion weeks, and other traditional excursions, if your an artist, student, or working in any other lucrative industry then I’m sure half us are as broke as a mountains back. Whether your tapped out or not, stuff happens when you travel especially if your on a budget. Formatted below is my small, personalized scoop on a few of my Triumphant Discovery’s upon the latest journey to London, England. And with hundreds from all across the globe heading into the UK for Spring and Summer(esp for the highly anticipated Royal Wedding), and with The Triumphant Scoops recent trip here so successful, I figured what better historic city to profile. New additions to this series will be added as our international travels continue. All in all, don’t be ashamed to take advantage of all our little finds. 😉

*This list will be updated periodically.

1.) When your hungry, on a budget and need a well balanced meal:
 The Spicy Basil
165 Kilburn High Road
Kilburn, London NW6 7HY-  Phone #:020 7328 6646
Spicy Basil, I found this spot on my first day here. An accidental discovery, I hopped off the double decker bus I was riding a stop too early. Looked left and ‘wam bam thank you ma’am’ Thai food heaven! Fresh salad-ware drapes loose fruits and veggies as their official trim to this tiny atmosphere. A great way to ease any guest into a very believable ‘green’ policy. The shrimp dish I had was wholesome, and it came w/ egg, fresh vegetables, and plenty of rice. You practically get tons of food for the price you pay. The appeal factor of every meal does seem to vary thanks to how busy they are, which always mass production to lessen the quality of a dish every now and then. However, I would definitely eat here again.

Average meal cost: £4.50($7.00)
Our fav meal: Prawn fried rice w/ egg. Cost: £5.00($8.25)

*I also found a beauty supply store across the street that sold just about every ethnic hair care product ever invented! An ethnic hair persons dream in any foreign country. Check them out below!

2.) When you have ethnic hair and your beauty products didn’t make it past airport security : 
Global Hair and Beauty
Address: 186 Kilburn High Rd
Maida Ville, NW6 4JD – Phone#: 020 7372 7779
Memorable products:
* Motions
* Kera Care
*Soft Sheen Carlson
* Suave
*Soft & Beautiful
*Lusters Renutrients

3.) When your broke, out of beauty products and dont know what to do…

The Garden Pharmacy and Perfumery…
Address: 119 Long Acre, Web:
Covent Garden

Notable Freebies:
*Face masks
They give out samples of some of their finest products by the dozen. Don’t make your skin suffer because of empty pockets, head on over!

4.) More finds on the way! Stay tuned..

Peace and Safe travels!
Tony Triumph