Kimora Lee Simmons was quite a lovable creature back in 1990.

Well-spoken, grounded, and unshaped by the cliche’s of working model divatude….

I can’t get over how adorable she was!


I found this video after rummaging through my personal collections and figured it’d be a treat for model historian types.

kimora lee perkins simmons rare model photo 2

It popped up after downloading and saving a ridiculously disturbing mountain dew commercial that I viewed on Youtube yesterday- via Clutch Mag.


Am I the only one who always wondered where all of Kimora’s modeling photos were?

kimora lee simmons runway modeling backstage 7

The rare video includes endless photos of then 15 year old stunner Kimora Lee Perkins, who we now obviously know as Kimora Lee Simmons.

kimora lee simmons- watch what happens live- NYC

The bubbly interviewer highlights all sorts of  Kimora’s fashion industry activities and liaisons, including how she balances a six figure modeling career with high school.

If your a follower of models and fashion, then you’ll  attest that Kimora’s photos scream 2008 Chanel Iman.


Left: Chanel Iman, Right: Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora also talked about how easy it is t get caught up in the industry with drugs, and dating older men to get ahead.

 kimora lee perkins  simmons rare interview

Oh how i wish the 15 year olds whom I once spotted in the club held this high of an IQ.

Peep Kimora’s full video below:

At 1:50, the reporter says something along the lines of how Kimora steers clear of males that were known as ‘model groupies'(Russell).

Ha, I guess the Simmons charm was too irresistible.


– The Scoop