Tyler Perrys: “Why did I get Married?”

I’m sure many of you are quite familiar with this hit title by now. Though I still decided to publish this post a year after the films release because the story and message is all-in-all timeless. Pick it up from your local Blockbuster (http://www.blockbuster.com/) or movie dealer today! Don’t bootleg it yall, Tyler Perry works way too hard.

So, why did they get married? Well, it wasn’t for the bond of love, that’s for sure. Tyler Perry’s 2007 story is phenomenal. If any of you are familiar with Tyler Perry films, you know to always bargain for his much relatable life lessons at the end of each piece. The message of this 2007 film, however, extends to a much wider and more complex realm then any other area of his past interests. The deepness of Holy Matrimony. Unlike flings, booty calls and boyfriends, marriages require a deep adjustment to the life of any individual. No, I have never experienced marriage, but I do have a host of young cousins and relatives who get hitched early all the time. I witness the genesis of the matrimony, and also witness the downfall of their once happy homes, just as I did my own parents’.

Successful marriages are built around the right things, hands down. You can’t just get married because of money, sex or ones status. Its different from when you are purely just dating. Everyone has problems that extend throughout all sorts of emotional tides and when these tides flood through a marriage, it certainly will not work. I can tell you first hand that I’ve been through ALOT, as far as relationships go, so I can also honestly say that this movie has covered every single thing that most of society goes through or has gone through, no matter what race. Including, the selfish spouse who cares solely and only about their career, the humiliating and berating partner, the ghetto cheating consort, and then the perfect patty, with her deep dark secrets for sure. Then their are roots of guiltiness stemming from everyone’s personal issues such as beauty insecurities, the lack of sex and the spouse who thinks they are buying their spouses love simply from her love of money.

The 4 roles of male dominance saved “Why did I get married?” from being a total “B” movie and Deja-Vu of 1995’s “Waiting to Exhale”. The storyline is hot, the characters are sultry and financially stable and the plot was like a revolving door. Theory says all things come in 3’s but certainly, this plot came in 4’s. Leaving each and every couple wondering, “Why did I get Married?”. Oh, and Jill Scott nearly catching a case. As I watched the film, I got a sense of hope and inspiration, being that Tyler Perry showed how each and every character had become such a successful black entity.

As you sit through this film and laugh, cry, laugh some more or as my theatre did, laughed when they cried- just remember, “The greatest achievement for any human being is to love God, yourself and others”, according to Miss Jackson. In the end, you’ll see who truly wants to be tied into a bind, especially as their bind ties into a commitment..

Tony Triumphs Grade: A-