Representing for all the unceasingly awkward colored girls out there- here strolls J, again.

Barely blending in with her with her lackluster love life, social misdirection’s  and undercover rap shenanigans, the wonderful world wide web just can’t get enough of J and those misadventures, unending absurdity’s and of course- her blatantly candid world of awkward splendor.


After a few successful Kickstarter campaigns and a fresh Youtube channel to air on (Pharrel’s own ‘i am Other‘ YouTube channel), Issa Rae has stretched her real life black girl blunders into an internet obsession. Succeeded in season 2 by a higher budgeted production, better camera’s, and more writers to help channel the daily embarrassments of  “White Jae”, “b*tches that be trippin”, “baby voiced n–ga’s”, and “ass kissing co-workers- that smell like fishy hoes”, Issa Rae is showing us just exactly how Awkward things can get for a black girl in Season 2. The current season 2 has already stolen way too many of my tears[of laughter], so have fun catching up on any missed episodes over the holidays.

Season 2’s episode seven has been included in this post for your convenience. May J be just as much of a thrill to your thoughts as she is to mine. Happy Holidays!