There’s a lot cooking up in Africa these days, and it’s way more then those yummy Maafe, Benin, and Jollof rice meals that the locals always whip together. As ever so vast, undeveloped and mineral rich as the lands in Africa remain, the city of Lago’s, Nigeria however, has taken innovation and commerce to a whole new level. Entitled Eko Atlantic, the contrary of this new city will stem from being built entirely on sand and not only consisting of  thriving business, residential, shopping, and entertainment districts but also attractive tourist destinations and becoming the new financial hub for Africa. In addition, and most importantly, it’s sandy foundation will fight flooding and restore land lost to coastal erosion in Lagos. All structures will be built on sand taken entirely from the seabed of Bar Beach. Comparison quotes dip deep into mythological folklore and is best being described as, “Rising like Aphrodite from the foam of the Atlantic.” Eko Atlantic will also purify it’s own water and generate it’s own power which can, and subsequently will, open new doors for green energy solutions to tread their way into Africa.

Environmentally fresh and favorable to Africa’s future, Eko Atlantic’s ground work began so quickly that it could be up and running as early 2015. Unsurprisingly, their construction blueprint has pin-pointed the cities of Manhattan, Dubai, and Singapore as successful role-models. Familiar traits that could explain why all the elitist criticism hasn’t fallen far from it’s baseline. Class conscious but with an opportunistic, open-minded and free-flowing edge, New York City could actually stand as Eko Atlantic’s most qualified role model for shaking off these elitism accusations. Labeled by some as just a “ritzy little refuge for the rich”, Eko Atlantic developers admit that lower class Lagosian’s will have just as much impact on the city’s long-term success as it’s “rich” inhabitants. Just as in any city, the lively hoods of the locals is all of everything that will keep Eko Atlantic alive, level-headed and free of self-inflated capitalism.

Eko Atlantic Breakdown

  • Districts(6): Business District, Marina, Ocean Front, Harbour Lights, Avenues, and Eko Drive.
  • Underground parking and transport.
  • Tram system.
  • Major Banks and Supermarket chains.
  • A Shopping Mall twice the size of The Palms(currently Lagos’ largest mall).

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For more information on Eko Atlantic, you can check out their official website here.