Grand Re-opening: Cain, LUXE

The exclusive grand re-opening of one of my featured New York City Hot Spots was more then the talk of the town for Thursday night. The dj was crisp(he better had been on opening night!) and the crowd was quite memorable. There was a huge Que outside, which I successfully parted directly through thanks to my host, Mr. Chris Paullson. Word inside was that the new Cain, LUXE turned down a whopping 600 people that night. Of course, I entered the event hand-in-hand with my partner in crime BFF: Farah.

As we made our way to the table I zoned out and tuned into the new design. Flatout, I thought the decor was horrible. It wasn’t serene, as its former African Safari themed layout was and my crew found it quite hard to maneuver around the club. There is an entire frame of steps that wraps around the whole arena of escalated VIP tables that seperated us from the dancefloor. Loads of stairs- not the best layout for a club, a place where people are predominatelty intoxicated. Lawsuit, Lawsuit! Cain, LUXE reminded me of the “Flintstones” meeting that Helen Strange commercial from Eddie Murphy’s “Boomerang”. Ha!- Doesn’t it? Can we say “Nightmare on 27th Street!”. Hmmph, just in time for Halloween.

*Our table was just about here, along the left-side of the VIP wall. =D
…Where beautiful faces and plush seats collided. Here: Fafa and another party pal, Actor/Dancer: Shannon.

*Yes, unfortunately- the former Cain is no more…. 🙁

*So yea, we danced the night away. Away, away and away. Had plenty of bottles. Wooh hooh, the good times were rolling.

* We even had an un-expected performance by a set of go-go dancers. They weren’t as cheesy as I expected them to be. They started off in hats with matching bra and suspender thingy’s. Reminded me of Janet Jackson for some reason..

*Then off the caps flew in their attempt to keep everyone hyped. All in fun, all in fun. (Photo courtesy of

*Nas & Kelis even stopped by. Oh, and they even shared our table! Boy were they mad cool and chill…
*Kelis wasn’t in the mood for pics though..:(

*Then around 2:30am, our eventful night continued when suddenly every wave of music inside of the new Cain, LUXE shut off and their fire alarm rung into full blast! I started shouting, “Omg yall, the club is on fire- its really on fire yall!”. Then two chicks I didn’t even know yelled, “Thats not even funny- were leaving!” and marched off. About 1/4 of the club then cleared out which gave us plenty of more space to dance. Nas& Kelis didn’t even flench, haha(stoned) ;-p. Lucky us it was a merely a false alarm because the other 3/4’s of the club kept dancing. Then I looked at Farah as she tapped me and said, “Tony, how funny would it be if the new Cain, LUXE burned down on it’s opening night!?”. I looked around at the horrific decor and imagined it all engulfed in flames, then we both burst into laughter “Bahahahahaha!”.

*Once the Fire department flew in they gave us all strange looks as if they’d never been inside of a club before. They were probably over-fascinated by the dancers:


*The drummer was definetely a hit. So refreshing! (Photo courtesy of

* Then I meet the event photographer Rob Rich of He was thrilled to snag a shot of Fa-fa and I. Not a fan of my shot, but fa-fa thought otherwise so I decided to post it anyway. :-/

* Nas was next. That was after I explained to Rob Rich that he was a famous rapper…Go Nas, go Nas!

* End of the night photo with Vernelle and Farah. Models do kiss A*sholes after all. Ha! Fun times, fun times.
*Tootles, holla….:-)