New York’s most eager faces and earthy races paraded the liberal grounds of Park Slope via Prospect park on Sunday. They aligned from the realist regions of every borough and bridge for a complimentary concert hosted by Talib Kweli, The Roots and many others entitled “Okay Africa”. Inescapably, most of the vicinity was bombarded by a sea of blankets, beer bottles and wine drinkers who arrived bracing themselves to ‘rough it up’ for a free show. Every path eventually occupied it’s self by mellow scensters, Brooklyn heads, hipsters, their family’s and even a few local celebs that were all in gear for a naturalist’s side to life. Ethnic forces ruled by a long-shot with some well-intended culture clashing. Negativity failed to align for the most part, thanks to everyone and their arousal of cool Summer spirit. Good times were clearly in fine perspective.

Those grooving masses who had gathered just to swirl it with the The Roots and to catch their edgiest tunes are the ones we found clanging closest to the “bandshell”. The Bandshell is Prospect Parks unbelievable performance arena. Some stood for hours, rain or shine. For an added incense with a delicate aroma, Mary-Jane also discretely lingered and stood as the smoothest ice-breaker for anyone unfamiliar with such an easygoing crowd.

I bopped my afro and rocked fist just as uniform as any other Roots supporter, astute and full of approval, a common position for anyone with a fascinating regard to real music.

I”ll definetely keep you all posted for the next venture. In the meantime, don’t sleep on Brooklyn! 😉
Peace, Triumph.