Why in the heck did we ever stop smiling?

I adore nothing less than a million dollar smile, heck- I’ve got magazine clippings and retro magazine ads of my favorite commercials framed all over my home. I adore the way imagery was captured back during society’s best days because things were solid, soulful and reminiscent of a dying emotion- contentment.

We were just loving, striving, surviving, and keeping it real back then.  Life was just too good.

As I look back at imagery from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s- it feeds the soul. I reminiscence about the 90s all the time. To taste, feel, and even smell what this era was all about was a privilege. Society had hit it’s peek for happiness. Family meant everything. Unity stood for something. Reality was the soul of all things brown.

Scroll on down, here’s my tribute to some of the baddest smiles on my favorite faces. Oh, and happy Black History month.

Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell Tupac smile a-1973-afro-three-degrees

michelle-barack-obama-young naomi campbell_vogue cover

Janet Jackson poetic jusitce smile braids

Beverly peele supermodel smile

billie Dee Williams smile tcb ad Lena Horne Demonstrating Fuel Conservation


dr martin luther king jr laughing


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