All Aboard!

Now let’s pour it up!

The world’s first festival dedicated exclusively to rosé wine, La Nuit en Rosé recently sailed into New York with the perfect blend of food, wine, beauty, entertainment, and fashion to kick-off Summer- along the hudson river, on a boat, with beautiful people, and endless rose’!


Equipped with pink shades, pink cotton candy, and pink blush touch-ups for the ladies, guests enjoyed more than 150 rosé wines, 30 local restaurants, a wealth of acclaimed chefs, and an elegant selection of VIP experiences._DSC7599_EHBrownClearly, the crowd had a ball (as you’ll peep from the pics below). By night fall, the boat rocked and the wine glasses overflowed with bespoke experiences that celebrate the rosé-drinking lifestyle, well beyond the glass.


La Nuit en Rosé’s New York City flagship event was featured aboard the 200-foot Hornblower Infinity Yacht, where guests delighted in live entertainment, dancing, and spectacular views of the New York City skyline.

Tune in below for a glimpse of this year’s La Nuit en Rosé action:

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