As you may or may not have noticed, Memorial day weekend crept up on us like a one-eyed crackhead and consumed us like a wild  tornado from the West. While a popular plethora of us made safe, relaxing get-aways into the Hamptons, Cape Cod and Malibu in the split of an eye, a whole heist of us were left stranded in our gritty city’s wondering what in the ham-sandwich our weekend had in store for us.

The aftermath of any Memorial Day Weekend should leave us all excited to dust off our favorite sun dresses, linen skirts and V-shaped Maxi dresses. Yet over here at The Scoop we’re daring you step out of your safe zone for the week. We’re waving the war flag on your obsessions with anything generic and in fact double-daring you to entice the world with our alternate approach to a sexy Summer style.  Rihanna showed us best at the American Billboard Awards, now were daring you to be that billboard! Will lace jacquered single button blazers, high-waist wide leg trousers and peach platform Louboutins be your cup of tea?

Dig into HER look here:

Give yourself a Summer season spruce-up from those average maverick white tee looks. Power yourself with a crisp, clean quintessential persona using an all white, single button sports coat, a Gucci “G-Timeless” stainless steel watch, and a precious pair of leather in-soled Marc Jacobs shoes. A sleek hood boy from ‘down the street’ high jumps over to the wall street elite.

Dig into HIS look here:

Happy Summer!

The Scoop!

Words by Tony Triumph, Style by Tamira Wells.