Well, mother nature just seems to be kicking everybody’s behind this week. Tornado’s are touching down all over the Midwest while rain and wind storms continue to drench us all through the East, West, and Gulf coast. No matter where you are, the rain clouds will trickle your way this month! Rainy days are simply the norm for April and may cause an uncontrollable fashion adversity for some, yet for style mavericks those rain drops merely speak volumes to your dedication. While the rain may crush your wish to strut through Soho, chill on  the Union Square stoop or lolly-gag around The Grove in LA, I can offer some ‘good-outfit’ saving initiatives for this months gloomy weather. Both looks are transitional and offer a smoothly layered contrast that will work on either coast. Over coats that keep us dry(and warm in some city’s) and bright colors that help us usher in an unusually sluggish Spring. Enjoy!

Chic European Esquire for him:
*Coat: Stutterheim– White Rain Coat, $450.
*Shirt: TOPSHOP– Vintage look Denim, $45.
*T-shirt: TOPSHOP– Raw Edge Scoop Tee, $11.
*Bag: Nordstrom– Diesel Cherrio Duffel Bag, $170.
*Pant: TOPSHOP– Khaki Arc Leg Jean, $65
*Boot: Nordstrom– Kenneth Cole ‘Electic’ Rain Boot, $98.
NY Soho Sexy for her:
* Jacket: Urban Outfitters– RVCA Solitude Jacket, $78.
* Top: TOPSHOP– Racer Back Sweat by Xavier Brisoux, $100.
* Tee: TOPSHOP– Pink Roll Sleeve Flecked Tee, $30.
* Jeans: TOPSHOP– Motto Pink Jamie jeans, $80.
*Hat: DKNY– Kid Paper Braided Fedora, $42.
*Boot: DAV Rain– Dav Rain Black Rain Boot, $50.
*Bag: Diesel Blk&Gold;– ‘Gotham’ Bag, $580.

Be blessed, dress well, and fill yourself with Success