Stand tall, garner the frenzy and wave Bonjour to perhaps the most highly anticipated sector in the reel of celebrity baby booming. Pop culture has buzzed and grown quite infatuated with the possibility of Beyonce popping out a few young Hov’s sooner then later. Whether it’s twins, a boy/girl or grows up into the identical super-stardom as it’s parents are the least of my concerns. With Jay-z and Beyonce living carefully calculated lifestyles and practically worshiped like Gods, I’m more concerned about this child’s privacy deprivation via the media, Joe Jackson style childhood pimp-dom via the influence of Matthew Knowles, and whether or not Jay will keep it gangster with a “Marcy Projects” visit when the time is right.

Well, by the time my story hits the web I’m sure practically every major news hub will have acquired at least a dozen million more hits, yet on behalf of The Triumphant Scoop I’d like to wish Beyonce Knowles and Jay-z a sincere congratulations. Looking forward to all the media hubs, hoopla’s and of course the finish product. When it’s all said and done, I can promise you the baby won’t look like this: Jay+Bey= Three.

Here’s a full body shot of the pose that sealed the deal:


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