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Shifting gears from my usual shi shi foo foo shindigs, I traded in my uptown crown for the soothing SOHO sounds brought to NYFW by Street Etiquette, during the release of their latest project SLUMFLOWER.

Street Etiquette, a popular life&style website founded in 2008, showcases mens fashion among an appreciation for urban cultures and global influence. Site founders Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are two of NYC’s most popular style-makers, both whom have traveled from as far as South Africa, Hawaii, and Thailand, publishing their vibrant tales of urban, street, and dapper mens style all from a metropolis perspective.

With a key focus on “Etiquette”, Joshua and Travis offer international insight on the encompasses of life & style in the foreign metropolises they often patronize.

As you can see by the smile on my face, I was eager and excited to dive into an evening mix of multicultural art, while mellowing out into an eclectic downtown atmosphere, + get “The Scoop” on exactly what Slumflower was all about.

Artist statement: SLUMFLOWER started out as a seed idea that we had about two years ago, about the misconceptions formed about public housing. The story is centered around a 10-year old boy finding beauty and growth in the midst of concrete.”

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As always, I checked a few emails and made my social media updates before heading through the doors of Street Etiquette’s SLUMFLOWER affair.

Street Etiquette NYFW

Upon entry, the Walker Street Loft came filled to its brim with a mix of African cultures, including brothers and sisters representing their native towns from  all across the  globe. From Bedstuy to Baltimore, from Harlem to Hyde Park(London), from Compton to Cape town(S. Africa)- the mood of the crowd fit perfectly with the theme of SLUMFLOWER.

As I noted, most of the event guest were fashion forward visual artist themselves, or either young student types- major fans and followers of The Street Etiquette brand and blog.

Joshua Kissi- via :  We are proud to announce in collaboration with Visual Supply Company (VSCO) our latest short film editorial titled SLUMFLOWER. This time around we had the pleasure of presenting the editorial in gallery exhibition form and invited tons of supporters somewhere between 2,500-3,000  people came out to experience the editorial in realtime.

Tony Triumph NYFW 3

Here, Street Etiquette co-founder Joshua Kissi caught a quick flick with a copy of his book and a guest, while I stood and cleared out my i-phone’s memory to snag a few shots of the ambiance. [My i-phone’s memory was fluttered with a ton of pics from the shows at Lincoln Center + events from the night before].

Browsing the Slumflower book, this project plays a vivid contrast to the value of a so-called NYC slum against the euro sleekness of classic menswear. Rugged slums sometimes make the perfect landscapes, especially when highlighting all the pictorial beauty that strides in mens fashion.

Tony Triumph Street Etiquette

After shuffling my elbows through the room, I caught a moment with Travis(left) and Joshua(right) of Street Etiquette, whose gratitude and humility  for everyones support knew no boundaries.

Tony Triumph Street Etiquette 1

I got in couple laughs with Travis, who spoke about his excitement for traveling to South Africa in a few weeks.

Tony Triumph Street Etiquette NYFW

Then I made a few editorial notes on “The Scoop” I received about Slumflower, while Travis chopped it up with one of his colleagues.

Street Etiquette Slumflower premiere 3

Snapshot: Above, Street Etiquette’s Joshua poses with a guest who regularly sports cool box braids and a gypsy like attire, as I recognize this same young lady from Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News”, which you can check out here.

From Gypsy chic to GQ classic, Street Etiquette has attracted a versatile mix of readers for quite some time.

Street Etiquette Slumflower premiere

The room was a bit hot and humid, yet it stayed filled to it’s brim with spectators, fashion illustrators and enthusiasts till the very end of the night.

Street Etiquette Slumflower Guest NYFW

Loving the hats these two brothers were rocking. Out of all the Fashion Weeks I’ve attended, these hats, which seem to be reminiscent of traditional Hasidic Jewish headwear, have criss crossed into just about every major city.

Street Etiquette Slumflower

Above, two gentlemen of two different style wagons share a connection through a quick flick. As expected, Street Etiquette’s SLUMFLOWER premiere shared a contrasting mix of urban, street, and dapper mens style all from a metropolis perspective.

Swooping away for the night, I left the event with a modest appreciation for each and every level of street art & fashion on display. From the patrons to the mounted wall art- most portraits from SLUMFLOWER, it all seemed reminiscent to the roots of my first few years in NYC.

For more information of Street Etiquette’s SLUMFLOWER project or to purchase the book, you may visit their website here.