Guest Contributor, Nathalie Torres of LIVID Magazine asks…

 Name: Yanyan

Egg Shirt- Street Style- NYFW

Why are you @ NYFW?:

“I am Shooting for Runway Chic magazine.”

Wearing: I like to stand out and it’s almost the last day of fashion week. Everyone is kind of tired– let’s bring some fun to it!  And today is Betsy Johnson, who’s my favorite designer. I want to be in the pit and be like, ‘Heyyy! Betsy!'”

Occupation: Fashion blogger & photographer from Wuzhou, China

Website/ Contact:

Name: Twiggy

Why are you at NYFW?:

“To see the latest in NYFW.  It’s not as good as past years; the crowd is not as big.”

Occupation: Model & blogger


Name: Michelle


Why are you @ NYFW?:

“Today? To see a friend’s show, later on to attend a show for work.”

Occupation: Works at Ermenegildo Zegna

Wearing: Jumpsuit from China, jewelry made by a friend.

Name: Denise


Why are you @ NYFW?:

“I’m starting a blog and I have friends who live in NY. I can get into shows so why not?”

Occupation: Blogger from LA

Wearing: Alice & Olivia skirt, H&M jacket, Adidas shoes, Alexander Wang bag

Instagram: @thejitana

Name: Bill Witherspoon (Right, Middle)


Why are you @ NYFW?:

“I produce a mens line and I have nowhere to show it. I thought these are great pieces and I wanted people to see it.  What better than to dress my models and bring it out. The universe called it up!”

Wearing: Clothing, Mr. Witherspoon, shoes from Prada, neckwear is from Imani Jewelry

Occupation: Owner of mens collection called Mr. Witherspoon, based out of Harlem.

Name: Jessica


Why are you @ NYFW?:

 “We’re here working behind the scenes for Stila.”

Occupation: Make-up stylist from Massachusetts

Wearing: Zara head to toe!

Website/ Contact:

Name: Tye & Rob


Why are you @ NYFW?:

T: “I’m working to do reviews for my website. I watched a show this morning but decided to stick around and check the out looks. I love people watching during fashion week. The looks are so amazing so I just stuck around.”
R: “Just to be exposed to the culture. I’ve always loved fashion and I just moved to the mecca of fashion. I came down here for the first time today to be inspired by the culture, fashion, and beautiful people.”

T: Co-founder of in NYC
R: Detroit recording artist & actor who recently moved to NYC

T: Missguided skirt, ASOS top, Botkier bag
R: Zara jacket, IRIDIUM shirt, Topshop tie, Seven jeans

Website/ Contact: Rob,