*Words by Tony Triumph
*Photo’s by Kate Morales.

 Been brave enough to hammer your britches through Wall Street lately? Are you wondering where in the world all this collective mayhem, those crazy hippies, tents, and their off-the-wall attention grabbing signs arose from? In case you’re just as much out of the loop as we were, please hurry and get The Scoop on all the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ drama here.

Back downtown, and well blended amongst a melting pot of grungy homeless folk, government greed opposition, and conspiracy theory advocates lies a stylish assembly of protesters, passerby’s and respect seeking rebels. We didn’t find it too hard to finagle through Zucotti Park and love on our favorite mixes and matches over the weekend. The folks that caught our eye were more then likely the visiting activist, artist, and crowd passer’s rolling through. Trendy chicness that caused them to standout above any shoddy over-night campers. As you’ll see below, most looks were proceeded by an affluence of vintage rags, bohemians fabrics and crude colors.

Quite a few celebrity’s have been seen snooping their way around the Occupy Wall Street headquarters as well. Politician Al Sharpton, Documentary maker Michael Moore, Entrepreneur Russel Simmons, and even Musician Kanye West(Right) have all made appearances and garnered this movement some much needed celebrity support. Word’s that these celebrity’s are rolling through security-less and stopping for photo ops! Must be the happy hippie spirit. So if you plan on stopping by you’d better dress that happy hippie part. Dress like a fresh hippie though, ’cause everybody knows that the appealing get the most press. *wink*. Check out some cool threads below: 

Triumphant Discovery’s of The Street: Occupy Wall Street.

A face can speak a thousand words, but her tribal print pants are priceless.
Making 90’s fashion finally look ‘vintage’.
Nice color on color contrast on top of smooth chocolate skin. The bracelets are #winning as well!

This woman seems quite frumpy, but pretty. The cozy colors highlight some cool comforts within her style.

The “I wore this just to fit in” passerby.

SHOP GUIDE: What to wear to Occupy Wall Street (If you wanna fit in w/o looking like a bum):

Gutsy Girls:

Buy your Occupy Wall Street look here:

Dauntless Gents:

Buy your Occupy Wall Street looks here:

Hot looks at decent prices, that don’t support corporate greed!

See y’all on Wall Street,

The Scoop!